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130 Wood Road
Standard Mail: P O Box 6985
Snowmass Village, Colorado 81615 USA
T: +1 970 923 8000
F: +1 970 923 8001

877 235 7577

Ski-In/Ski-Out Spa Treatments

Viceroy Snowmass is the first property to offer ski-in/ski-out spa treatments. The treatments are designed specifically to invigorate guests to get back out on the slopes and finish the day (perfect for skiers/snowboarders who might only ski a few days a year, but who want to ski from bell to bell). The treatments run 30 minutes or less, and are aimed directly at reinvigorating skiers to get back on the slopes and finish the day. Executive Chef, Will Nolan, has also created a Mediterranean lunch menu solely available within the spa for the ski-in/ski-out treatments. Of course Viceroy Snowmass’ spa is located steps from the slopes, so guests can actually ski right to the spa, and ski right to the Assay Hill lift following their treatments.

Spa treatment menu is as follows:

Begin with submerging in a warm bath of Sweet Birch sea salt, then exfoliate deserving heels and toes with a creamy Lemongrass Mimosa scrub to smooth skin and increase circulation. Enjoy impeccable cuticle grooming where cuticles are meticulously cared for and then revive the feet with a tension relieving hot stone massage and a tingling deeply moisturizing Mighty Mint Rescue Cream. Perfect for the skier who needs to reenergize the feet after several days of skiing hard and wants to be ready for another ski day.

Perfect for the high altitude and parched skin, a deeply hydrating hand and foot therapy starts with warm Concreta and nourishing coconut oil that offers deep conditioning and protection for your hands and feet. This is the perfect choice for the guest who just came off of the Mountain for a break in skiing, rejuvenating and then hitting the slopes again.

Nestled in at the base of Assay hill, the spa at viceroy awaits you. Treat yourself to one of our ski in and ski out treatments while enjoying our green salad lunch from our culinary menu.