Nidito Beach and Poolside Bar

Los Cabos Bar

Nidito Beach + Poolside bar

This isn’t just a beach; it’s a bona fide scene. That’s right – the vibe has never been stronger then here at the shore, where lounging is a way of life and your thirst for decadence will always be quenched.

Often, this breathtaking part of the resort feels like a world unto itself. Don’t hold back – explore every facet. First, there’s Nidito, our restaurant Nido’s lively little sister, where you can order a Mezcal cocktail or agua fresca and relax under the latticed, nest-like roof. Want to get even closer to those ocean blues? Grab a chaise on the sand or gather around the beautiful, ellipse-shaped pool.

No matter where you wander, we’ll bring food and drinks right to you. Our chefs have filled special mobile carts with snack-able delights (think elote and empanadas) inspired by the flavors of Mexico and East Asia. We’re particularly proud of our Baja fish tacos; they’re small, delicious and, dare we say, the best in Cabo.

Go ahead and take a cue from the galleons that once journeyed along this vibrant coastline. Escape boldly. And never look back.


Open Daily:
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


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