Art at Viceroy Los Cabos

Bold Visual Artworks Add Another Evocative Layer to Your Stay

Beyond being an architectural marvel, Viceroy Los Cabos is an artistic haven, immersing guests in cinematic experiences around every turn. A boldly curated collection of artworks created by on-the-rise international talent doesn’t just make a visual statement. It tells a deeper story. Explore the featured art at Viceroy Los Cabos, which will bring greater meaning to your stay and grow your understanding of local culture.

Art Gallery & Artists in Residence Series

At Viceroy Los Cabos, we continue to build upon our connection to the arts with the debut of a brand new Art Gallery, followed by an ongoing Artist in Residence program coming soon. Guests of the resort will enjoy immersive painting classes led by local artists while viewing collections in synergy with the culture of San Jose del Cabo. With Viceroy Los Cabos serving as a blank canvas for creativity, the new art studio and Artist in Residence program will offer one-of-a-kind experiences while awakening the senses for guests and locals alike.

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Tree of Life

Design Narrative

The Tree of Life represents endurance during times of stress, and continued growth and blossoming, despite the conditions of the world. Created entirely when the resort had shut its doors due to the pandemic, the piece truly does symbolize new beginnings. Afront the painting lives a towering, 12-foot-tall Torote tree, which is regional to Mexico. At certain times of the day, it casts a perfect shadow that traces the outline of the painting. The animals featured on the tree are indigenous to Los Cabos and surrounding areas, and represent new life being welcomed to the resort.

Meet the Artist - François Paris

François Paris is a talented artist from the suburbs of Paris, France. After landing in LA, he now lives in the small town of San Jose del Cabo, where he leads an art studio in Puerto Los Cabos. François, along with the team at Viceroy Los Cabos, will spearhead several new art programs for the resort in the coming months, which involve inviting artists from the San Jose area and beyond, to turn the hotel into their own artistic canvas.

Learn more about François at or on Instagram @parisfrancois.

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Deep Roots

Design Narrative

Like plants, people’s outward appearances often look very different. But our inner similarities are the unseen roots that connect ecosystems, both natural and social. In Spencer Mar Guilburt’s piece, the palm leaves represent people transcending labels for a peaceful coexistence. Like the leaves of plants, we grow under the same sun, breathe the same air and grow from the same soil. The black lines can be seen as our roots, intertwined and deeply seeded. The blue rectangle represents the ocean and water, our great life bringers, while the yellow circle depicts the sun shining over us regardless of shape, color, or creed. Nature has little concern for our superficially-derived labels.

Meet the Artist - Spencer Mar Guilburt

Spencer Mar Guilburt (known as MAR) captured the public’s attention in 2010 with his prismacolor street art. His gallery, known for his expressive, inspiring abstract work, now has a celebrity following. MAR portrays feeling and unlocks greater meaning through his thoughtful use of colors, shapes and textures. He has created installations for global brands including BMW, Adidas, AT&T, Disney and Neiman Marcus.

Learn more about Spencer at or on Instagram @this_means.

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Art Classes

Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday ...

Art classes and workshops offered every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.