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Pet Policy

Pet-Friendly Los Cabos Accommodation

Here at Viceroy Los Cabos, we take our VIP’s (Very Important Pets) very seriously! We look forward to welcoming you and your dog to our relaxing Los Cabos accommodations with a custom dog bed and food and water bowls (upon request and based on availability).

To ensure a comfortable stay for yourself and fellow guests, please observe the following pet policy guidelines:

  • The hotel is prepared to accommodate your pet in your guestroom. We will accept pets that are no larger than 30 pounds, are fully house trained, and appropriately restrained by you. Your pet should be in compliance with the local legislation requirements.
  • We regret that pets are not allowed in any food and beverage outlets (indoors and outdoors), the Fitness Center, THE SPA, and the pool areas of the hotel. This exclusion does not apply to service animals.
  • Your pet must be on a leash when it is on Hotel property unless it is inside your guestroom.
  • Please do not leave your pet unattended. If you require a pet sitter or pet supplies, please contact the Concierge or Front Desk.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet on hotel property and in the neighborhood. The Front Desk is able to supply you with “clean ups” bags to assist you with walking your pet.
  • Any disturbances, such as barking, must be curtailed to ensure other guests are not inconvenienced.
  • Please contact Guest Services during your stay to arrange for a convenient time for servicing your room. No attempt will be made to enter your guestroom if there is a pet in the room unless the owner is present.
  • The charge for your pet’s stay is a onetime $150 USD charge. If your pet is a certified service animal, please provide the proper documentation to waive fee.
  • Please be aware that we do not allow more than one pet per guest room.

Pet-Friendly Activities