A Statue Of A Woman

Art at Viceroy

With A Canvas for Discovery, the artist series from Viceroy Hotels & Resorts, we provide the canvas where each stroke of the brush reveals another story. To follow a trend is effortless, but to create timeless trends requires creative foresight, dedication to individuality, and devotion to exceeding creative excellence. Imagination underscores A Canvas for Discovery through original, site-specific works created by innovative artists from painters to musicians and sculptors to photographers, whose works of art welcome and guides guests on inspiring experiences at each Viceroy hotel.

The Wild Spirits of Kopaonik Mountain

Viceroy Kopaonik Serbia

You can almost feel the rush of the mountain air and hear the call of native animals in the newest art installation at Viceroy Kopaonik. It’s an eight-piece mural collection created by local artist Ognian Dzevrnja. Inspired by the natural habitats and surroundings of the National Park Kopaonik, has “threaded” the image of animals against stunning backdrops. It’s all part of Viceroy’s A Canvas For Discovery initiative, which puts original, site-specific works created by innovative artists at the forefront of our hotels to welcome you and guide your journey.

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Redefining the Future

Hotel Zena Washington DC

Look through a new window into the artistry of Washington DC. Hotel Zena Washington DC is part hotel and part art gallery focused on works that celebrate women. Its powerful art collection simply titled “Her” features an array of pieces created by DC artists, from a mural of late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to a sequined “gown” layered in 8,000 protest buttons supporting the fight for Women’s Rights. Look at each artwork as a piece of modern-day history that’s also her story and YOUR story. It’s a vibrant visual language, and everybody is invited to the conversation.

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Three Artists. Three Murals.
One New Hotel.

Viceroy Santa Monica

The evocative world of the newly reimagined Viceroy Santa Monica is rooted in visual inspiration. While the shimmering pool and lush palm trees are certainly part of the picture, the hotel’s three new murals are stars of the show in their own right. It all starts with the very first sight that greets you: a bold, mid-century modern inspired mural by Erin Miller Wray called “Endless”; it graces the entire height of our eight-story façade. On the south exterior wall of the hotel, Spencer Mar Guilburt’s “Deep Roots” represents our return to nature and the earth that surrounds us. Finally, Evelyn Leigh’s “Ijeoma,” found on the outdoor patio at Sugar Palm restaurant, is a bold color play designed to evoke the calming effect of ocean waves or swaying palms. These three artworks reflect the hotel’s vibrant soul and the creative community that surrounds it.

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No Kings Collective

Viceroy Washington DC

To celebrate the opening of the District’s newest boutique hotel, Viceroy Washington DC teamed up with the visionary minds of No Kings Collective to craft and create a worthy entry of community art into DC's evolving mural scene. The piece invites viewers to discover elements of the storied Logan Circle neighborhood presented through an abstract and playful perspective using fresh colors and bold patterns invoking street design and geographical markers.

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Stunning Symbolism That Inspires

Viceroy Los Cabos

Including a mural by Spencer Mar Guilburt featuring palm trees as representations of people transcending labels for a peaceful coexistence, each piece promises more than meets the eye. Go beyond the cinematic architecture of the resort to discover these visual statements that are more than photo moments — they are vibrant reminders of a culture and a landscape that begs to be discovered.

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Nick Waterhouse

The first musician to participate in A Canvas for Discovery Artist Series is Nick Waterhouse, an American singer, songwriter, and record producer from Southern California with a passionate, rockabilly sound rooted in rhythm & blues, jazz, and soul.

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Doors for Charity

Viceroy Chicago

In October 2018, Viceroy Chicago launched Designer Doors for Charity, a charitable initiative in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The month-long collaboration with eight Chicago artists asked them each to create and paint a design inspired by fighting breast cancer directly onto the guest room doors of the hotel’s fifth floor.

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