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Art at
Hotel Zena

Hotel Zena is part hotel and part art gallery focused on works that celebrate women. Its powerful art collection simply titled “Her” features an array of pieces created by DC artists, from a mural of late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to a sequined “gown” layered in 8,000 protest buttons supporting the fight for Women’s Rights. Look at each artwork as a piece of modern-day history that’s also her story and YOUR story. This is a vibrant visual language, and everybody is invited to the conversation.

It’s all part of Viceroy’s A Canvas For Discovery initiative, which puts original, site-specific works created by innovative artists at the forefront of our hotels to welcome you and guide your journey.

The Stories Within

Hotel Zena’s celebration of inclusivity and empowerment from a female perspective is interpreted by each of our participating artists. All have been purposefully commissioned to convey a simple message of unity. We welcome you to delve into our art book to learn more about each piece of powerful art showcased at the hotel.

RBG Mural

Artist: Andrea Sheehan x Julie Coyle Art Associates

The late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) has been a beacon for equality for the world for her enduring struggle for female rights, and we are thrilled to honor her legacy. This mural, composed of nearly 20,000 organic, hand-painted tampons generously donated by CORA, is a tribute to her strength, poise and unrelenting commitment to gender equality.

Talking Sequins

Artist: Andrea Sheehan x Julie Coyle Art Associates

Women and fashion go hand in hand at Hotel Zena with playful installations that share a powerful story. Serving as the backdrop to our restaurant, Figleaf, this sequined 'gown' is layered with 8,000 hand-pinned protest buttons supporting the fight for gender equality and women’s rights.

Warrior Guardians


Standing tall to welcome guests and visitors alike are the Warrior Guardians, designed and created by DC's MISS CHELOVE. Her vision for Hotel Zena’s exterior mural was to create intrigue; the piece is composed of a pair of fierce yet curious warrior sentinel women, here to protect Mother Earth/Pachamama and set amid lush natural elements and botanicals.

The Wall of Honor

Artist: Andrea Sheehan x Julie Coyle Art Associates

Nestled in a narrow corridor off of our restaurant, Figleaf, the Wall of Honor rises to make a bold statement. Created by a group of San Francisco-based female artists, it pays tribute to historical and modern figures instrumental to the fight for gender equality and civil rights. Featuring 221 individual charcoal-sketched portraits — including Dolores Huerta, Florence Nightingale, Katherine Johnson — the Wall of Honor celebrates their lives, recognizes their sacrifices and acknowledges their efforts to inspire the next generation to step forward and carry the torch.

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