Art at Viceroy Santa Monica

Inspiration is everywhere at Viceroy Santa Monica, starting with the very first sight that greets you: a mural on our eight-story façade. This is your entrée to our evocative world, where quiet moments are found under the shade of palm trees, yet imagination is continually awakened by bold design and thought-provoking art. Keep your eyes open, and we’ll keep your senses piqued. Throughout the hotel, we’ve collaborated with three local artists to create breathtaking murals that reflect our vibrant soul and the creative community that surrounds us. It’s all part of Viceroy’s A Canvas For Discovery initiative, which puts original, site-specific works created by innovative artists at the forefront of our hotels to welcome you and guide your journey.

Three Artists. Three Murals. One New Hotel.


Design Narrative

Inspired by infinite ocean horizons and sandy, west coast shorelines, Erin Miller Wray’s “Endless” embodies its name with mid-century modern shapes, colors and clean lines. This bold, youthful and eclectic piece was inspired by the rich history of Santa Monica and was designed to celebrate the beauty of the past while connecting us to the excitement of our evolving future.

Photo Credit: Jason Travis @jtrav

Meet the Artist

Erin Miller Wray is an artist and designer specializing in hand-painted visual branding. EMW began her career in large-scale projects after learning the social benefits of public artwork in communities. Through her exploration of modern, energetic shapes and colors, she hopes to enhance the well-being of community members through access to public art. Her pieces are inspired by the community and the history of the area around the mural site and are designed to encourage audiences to explore creativity, possibility, healthy lifestyles, and engagement with others.

Learn more about Erin at or on Instagram @erinmillerwray.

Meet Erin

Deep Roots

Design Narrative

Like plants, people’s outward appearances often look very different. But our inner similarities are the unseen roots that connect ecosystems, both natural and social. In Spencer Mar Guilburt’s piece, the black lines represent a plant's underground root system. The palm leaves represent people, and closely resemble the curves of the human body, symbolizing our return to nature and the earth that created us. The blue rectangle represents the ocean and water, our great life bringers, while the yellow circle depicts the sun shining over us regardless of shape, color, or creed. The blue window, with sprawling plant life, represent humans collectively looking towards a brighter future – one that includes a more harmonious relationship with our surroundings and reverence for nature.

Meet the Artist

Spencer Mar Guilburt got the public’s attention in 2010 with his prismacolor street art. His gallery, known for his expressive, inspiring abstract work, now has a celebrity following. MAR portrays feeling and unlocks greater meaning through his thoughtful use of colors, shapes, and textures. He has created installations for global brands including BMW, Adidas, AT&T, Disney, and Neiman Marcus.

Learn more about Spencer at or on Instagram @this_means.

Meet Spencer


Design Narrative

In art, there is a tradition that encourages one to rediscover something established by reimagining it through the gaze of our most contemporary eye. In Evelyn Leigh’s art for Viceroy Santa Monica, she reimagines the all-new property through the most basic elements; color and shape. Her simple, yet stunning, contours are bathed in comforting paints that are meant to evoke the calming effect of a body of water, or a palm tree gently waiving in the wind.

Meet the Artist

Evelyn Leigh's imagination is currently captured by the exploration of geometric patterns and the discovery of images within images, shapes within shapes, and the invention of depth on flat surfaces through color and line. She resides in Los Angeles and paints around the world.

Learn more about Evelyn at or on Instagram @thepaintedline.

Meet Evelyn