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Staying Healthy in Santa Monica

While traveling, it’s important to stay focused on your fitness and wellness goals. We offer personalized one-on-one training, either in the fitness center or an outdoor workout at Santa Monica Beach. Our certified professional trainer specializes in circuit and interval training, advance ballistic and dynamic movements, and general health and wellness. Please contact the concierge to arrange a fitness session during your stay.

Fitness Center

At Viceroy Santa Monica, the fully-equipped fitness center offers cardio equipment such as treadmills, elliptical machines, and bikes. In addition, we offer a lat machine and incline bench, as well as a variety of free weights, balance balls, and body bars.

Beach Yoga

Seek balance at Viceroy Santa Monica, where guests receive complimentary beach yoga classes hosted by Beach Yoga SoCal, all within in walking distance of the hotel.

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Local Fitness

Running & Walking

With an average of 281 sunny days a year, Santa Monica is the perfect place for outdoor exercise. And, with a plethora of great options to choose from — biking, surfing, and paddleboarding, to name a few — it’s easy to overlook the most basic activities, like walking and running. A shame, because Santa Monica has some truly incredible spots for these innate exercises, especially on the beach.

Affording wide, sweeping vistas of the Pacific and the majestic Malibu coast, the trail that parallels the ocean is ideal for long runs and walks. Often comprised of hills, many of the other Santa Monica running trails offer up spectacular views of the Pier, Malibu, and the Pacific, as well as a gentle ocean breeze.


Included in the Guest Amenity Fee, guests are invited to cruise around Santa Monica and the surrounding area on our new fleet of Priority Bikes. These sleek and stylish bikes are perfect for an afternoon of meandering around Los Angeles’ Westside.  From cruising up and down The Strand to shop hopping on Abbot Kinney, live like a local from the seat of our unique bikes.

In partnership with Priority Bikes, we've created a curated map of hotspots to enjoy while you explore the city and cultural enclaves of Santa Monica. Each stop is a personal recommendation for a favorite shop, coffee house, or sight to see.


There's no better place to feel the surf in your face and your toes in the sand than Southern California’s beaches. While staying at Viceroy Santa Monica, you can finally take those surf lessons you've been thinking about and learn tips and tricks from local pros. Experience personalized surf instruction on the beach with private or group classes and feel confident surfing in Santa Monica.


In recent years, paddleboarding has gained a lot of traction and it’s no wonder why. Relatively easy for anyone to do, the activity lures those of all age ranges — from 3 to 93 — and touts incredible health benefits, including improved balance, increased strength, and stress reduction. The Pacific Coast Highway is punctuated by shops where you can not only rent paddle boards but take lessons too. Please contact our concierge at +1 310 260 7500 or click here.

Muscle Beach

Established as part of a refurbishment in 1934, Muscle Beach is said to be the birthplace of 20th century’s physical fitness boom. While its location is enough to attract beach-goers, the City of Santa Monica created the area as a recreation and athletics center, luring athletes who enjoyed outdoor gymnastics and wrestling. This unique setting became the place for the budding Hollywood film industry to seek stunt people and actors, leading to its international fame.

Trapeze School

Have dreams of flying? Make them a reality with the Trapeze School New York at Santa Monica Pier. While looking out at the waves lapping against the beach, you can enjoy an adrenaline rush unlike any other. Regardless of fitness level or background, these exhilarating classes offer an exciting aerial workout in a safe environment.

Every step of the way, expert instructors will guide you in building a foundation of skills, including taking off smoothly, the basics of knee-hanging and fun tricks. Two classes are offered — Flying Trapeze classes, which run for 2 hours, and Trampoline and Silks classes, which run for one.

Yoga & Pilates

There are several nearby yoga and Pilates studios within walking distance, offering a variety of classes throughout the day and evening. YogaWorks™ is located six blocks away on Main Street, or you may contact the concierge at +1 310 434 2817 for a private yoga session. Pilates sessions by Libby Pilates may be arranged directly with the concierge.

Nearby Spas

Revive your body, relax your mind and release your stress with a trip to the spa. Regardless of what brings you to the area — business or pleasure — indulging in treatments is key to feeling calm and refreshed during your stay. Santa Monica offers a number of world-class spas in close proximity to Viceroy Santa Monica featuring a plethora of treatments and luxurious amenities. 

Spas Near Viceroy Santa Monica