Rum Tasting
Rum & Chocolate Pairing

Rum & Chocolate Pairing

Every Thursday ...

Hours: Each session is for a period of 30 minutes. The first session will start at 5:30 PM and the last session will be at 9:00 PM (ending at 9:30 PM)
Location: Cocoa Mill
Cost: US$45 per person (excluding service charge and taxes)

Inspired by the rich history of Cocoa production in Saint Lucia and other Caribbean Islands, our in-house Chocolatier, Chef Paul, has created pieces of delectable chocolaty goodness, each paired with a fine selection of locally produced Rums.

This curated experience showcases the best of the Cocoa and Rum World in our very own Chocolate production house - Cocoa Mill.

In this interactive tasting, you will experience four different selections of Chocolate and Rums which have been paired to bring out the vibrant and robust flavors unique to each one.

RUM & CHOCOLATE PAIRING MENUS (subject to change):


Composition: Cocoa 67% (min), Sugar 32%, Fat 40%
A remarkably bitter chocolate with an enticing body and sweetness.
Balanced and roasted, Caraïbe reveals its rounded notes of both chocolate and toasted nuts against a balanced backdrop, finishing with a slight hint of woodiness. Caraïbe is often referred to as a "feminine" chocolate due to these notes.

RUM SELECTION - Chairman’s 1931
A vibrant medium gold core with a bronze rim.
Sweet raisins with toasty oak notes. With a leather, spice, and tobacco scent on the nose.
It projects a rich sultana fruit flavor with hints of crème caramel and buttery oak on the palate.
A long complex finish – at first sweet from the raisin and then dry and tannic from the oak.

The roasted and bitter notes of the chocolate blends in perfect harmony with the rich sultana fruit.
The rounded notes and woodiness of the chocolate brings forward the Crème Caramel flavor, leaving you with a sweeter finish.


Composition: Cocoa 70% (min), Sugar 28%, Fat 84%
Bittersweet & Elegant. Guanaja takes on a remarkable bitterness, revealing a whole range of warm aromatic notes. It has a more "masculine" profile due to these notes.

RUM SELECTION - Admiral Rodney’s ‘HMS Royal Oak’
A bright amber color with a nose of prunes, raisin fruit, toasty oak and tropical spices.
An intense mouthfeel of sweet sultana fruit, tobacco, and chocolate, with vanilla from the oak.
A complex finish with a blend of sweet fruit, caramel, and spice.

The bittersweet note of the chocolate is offset by the sweeter notes of vanilla and prunes.
The richness of the chocolate pairs with the sweeter mouthfeel giving you woody finish with hints of Cane Sugar.


Composition: Cocoa 64% (min), Sugar 35%, Fat 39%
Acidic tang and Red Berries. Manjari unleashes the fresh, tangy notes of red berries, with a delicate finish recalling toasted nuts and dried fruits.

RUM SELECTION - Chairman’s Reserve ‘Forgotten Cask’
Rich, dark, gold mahogany color with an intense nose of sweet raisins, cigar tobacco, amber honey and vanilla. A warm palate offering grilled tropical fruits and candied walnuts rounded with soft spice that persist throughout a long and wonderful finish.

The acidity and fruitiness of the chocolate is offset by the intense tobacco and amber honey notes.
The toasty, nutty flavors coupled with the undertones of spices from the rum complements the tangy, fruit flavors delivering a balanced smoky smooth finish.


Composition: Cocoa 64% (min), Sugar 35%, Fat 39%
This extra bitter Grand Cru blend is a well-balanced combination of powerful cocoa beans that results in a full bodied and powerful chocolate. Its flavor is extremely fine, bitter, nutty and ever so slightly sour.

RUM SELECTION - Chairman’s Reserve ‘Spiced’
A deep mahogany color with a supple red hue.
An expressive aroma of bitter orange, nutmeg, cinnamon and sweet raisin. This leads to a sweet and rich mouthfeel bursting with exotic spices which is balanced with a crisp citrus character.
An epicurean and complex spiced rum.

The nutty sweetness of the chocolate complements the floral notes of bitter orange, nutmeg, and cinnamon.
The notes of both the rum & chocolate form a perfect marriage delivering a fruity, floral bouquet with a finish of Sugar Cane.