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Hotel Sustainability

Eco-Friendly Initiatives at Viceroy Chicago

Viceroy Chicago is engaged in an ongoing process of implementing environmental hotel and sustainability initiatives. This course of action begins by creating a written environmental and sustainability policy and enacting a water and energy savings plan and comprehensive recycling programs. Learn more about sustainability at Viceroy Hotels & Resorts.

Sustainability Practices

Energy Savings

Active building AC/heat scheduling based upon space demand.

Utilized reset schedules implemented on HVAC equipment.

Utilized smart thermostats in guestrooms.

Economizer mode enabled and utilized during weather below 55F.

Window treatment best practices (shades closed 90%) implemented during summer months to reduce heat gain from the windows.

Window treatment best practices (shades open 90%) implemented during winter months to use heat gain from windows to supplement the in-room heat.


Recycle/reuse plants with landscaper when change-outs occur.

Source native plants from local nurseries to reduce the carbon footprint from plant transportation.

Reduced Emissions

Guest bicycle program.