A Tree In A Forest

Hotel Sustainability

Eco-Friendly Initiatives at Viceroy Kopaonik Serbia

At Viceroy Kopaonik Serbia, we take sustainability seriously. We are committed to meeting your needs while ensuring that future generations have the ability to visit and enjoy Kopaonik, Serbia. While aware of our industry’s impact on the planet, we recognize sustainability as a process, a path, and a journey—one to which we are dedicated and excited about. We have taken several steps to ensure we maintain a high level of environmental stewardship, create a healthy environment for our guests, and continue staying at the forefront of sustainable hospitality. Learn more about sustainability at Viceroy Hotels & Resorts.

Sustainability Practices in the Community

For the Love of the Forest

The hotel is proud to organize this afforestation campaign every autumn, which involves the planting of indigenous tree species in an underprivileged mountain area. When you book our For the Love of the Forest package, we will plant a tree in your honor.

Springtime Clean-up

As the snow melts and the landscape emerges, the hotel team embarks on an effort to restore Kopaonik's natural splendor. Part of these efforts involve strategically placing trash cans throughout our premises and outdoor areas to encourage responsible waste disposal.

Sustainability Practices in the Hotel


Viceroy Kopaonik is providing large bottles of reusable shampoo and conditioner that are cleaned and resealed to limit the waste normally associated with mass quantities of small-scale bottles.

Meeting & Events

Green Meeting Initiatives are available for groups and tailored to specific needs and requests.


Viceroy Kopaonik has adopted a Green Purchasing policy that outlines our commitment to purchasing sustainable, eco-friendly products whenever possible.


Our kitchen staff utilizes and collects all clean plant-based food waste to sustain our local resort kitchen Garden, growing herbs, spices, and organic vegetables.


Stickers on every window remind guests to preserve energy by keeping it closed, so they can enjoy the natural surroundings while reducing our carbon footprint. Additionally in each room, there is a card with the message "Feeling Green? BEING ECO-FRIENDLY IS OUR NATURE." It encourages guests to avoid energy waste by giving them the opportunity to not have their bed linens or towels changed.