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Kopaonik Mountain Activities

Uncover Limitless Seasonal Pleasures

From skiing and snowboarding in the winter to summertime hiking and mountain biking, there are limitless seasonal and year-round pleasures and things to do on Kopaonik Mountain. Whether you’re after a once-in-a-lifetime paraglide ride or a ski trip with the family (our intergenerational resort is the perfect place to progress from the bunny slopes to the few long black diamond runs) Viceroy Kopaonik will satisfy your desire to explore and experience this stunning mountain destination.

Winter Activities

Skiing & Snowboarding

Kopaonik is a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. The mountain features over 50km of impeccably maintained ski slopes. Here, you will find ideal slopes for skiing and snowboarding as well as trails for Cross country skiing with incredible views.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skier, you will be able to find suitable slopes in Kopaonik. For children and complete beginners, there is a wide range of beginners’ slopes coupled with experienced and patient ski instructors that will make sure your ski adventure gets off to the best possible start.

Off Piste

Experienced skiers looking for a more adventure-packed ski experience can enjoy a vast off-piste area in Kopaonik. Guides are available to take you on an unforgettable adventure tailored to your wishes.

Night Skiing

One of the many interesting features the Kopaonik ski resort offers are three ski slopes with floodlights for night skiing – a magical and unforgettable experience.


We offer a selection of unforgettable Ski-Doo journeys, designed for everyone, along some of Kopaonik's most breath-taking trails. From a half-day to a four-day adventure, packages are adaptable to your needs. If you are interested in a tailored experience, please contact our concierge.


If you're not in the mood for skiing but still want some fun in the snow, grab a sled and hit the slopes. If you need extra adrenaline, make sure to steer the sled along with the most exciting course, optionally adding twists and turns to make the run down the hill faster and more entertaining. It's fun for the entire family. 

Cross Country Skiing

Considered one of the most challenging ski disciplines, cross country skiing is the perfect workout and one of the best ways to get to know the mountain. With over 20 km of designated cross-country tracks boasting stunning views along the way, Kopaonik is sure to become one of your favorite cross country destinations.

Summer Activities

Mountain Climbing

Face your vertical limits with a Kopoanik mountain climbing adventure. After an off-road drive in our special vehicle, we'll reach a natural cliff for climbing. Professionally trained staff will introduce participants to the basics of the sport after which everyone will face real vertical limits, acquire climbing techniques, crossing personal boundaries, and fears. 

Cycling Tours

Mountain biking or hill cycling is a popular recreational activity. Riding an off-road bicycle on Kopaonik's trails offers a wide range of riding terrain and views from the Roof of Serbia. From light cycling to extreme adventures, our MTB tours include visits to waterfalls, mountain canyons, ancient monasteries, and temples as well as adrenaline downhill riding.


A skipper guide awaits participants on the river coast with kayak equipment. After a short briefing, participants will start their Century Valley kayak tour. The tour consists of a kayak ride along the valley of old Raska where we will see 12th-century monasteries on both sides of the river. During the tour, we will visit interesting monasteries including Nikoljaca, Stara Pavlica monastery, the medieval town of Brvenik. After visiting the Pavlica monastery, we will go by van towards Kopaonik (45 min drive).

Quad Tours

Tour participants will have an opportunity to enjoy an exciting drive around the National Park of Kopaonik in a new and interesting way. Guests can choose from two tours - Kopaonik peaks and Semetes Lake. Visit the peaks of Kopaonik with breath-taking views or the wide center of Kopaonik where you will have an opportunity to see the forest life. Our guide will tell you different cultural, historical, geographical, and botanic peculiarities.


Paragliding tandem flights across the skies previously flown by world champions are a safe and pleasant experience. Take-off locations and flight durations depend on weather conditions. Our vehicles will take you to the take-off locations.

Year-Round Activities


Calling all adrenaline junkies! Take in the sky-high views of Kopaonik National Park. This popular activity has been available in Kopaonik since 2013 and is the ideal ziplining ice breaker for first-timers or experienced adventure seekers.


Bobsled your way down the mountainside 1 to 6 m above the ground. Race through bumps and turns while taking in the forest environment. The wide track with two tubular rails guarantees optimum cornering stability without the possibility of tipping over, providing you with a smooth, comfortable, and secure ride no matter the season.


Kopaonik National Park offers a wide range of hiking trails for intermediate to experienced hikers. Enjoy the fresh mountain air and beautiful surroundings. 

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