Penthouse large living area

Elevate Your Celebration

Wrapped in Kopaonik Mountain views, the Viceroy Penthouse creates mountain memories that last a lifetime. We invite guests to indulge this winter and allow Viceroy Kopaonik to host you and your guests in the most luxurious accommodation on Kopaonik Mountain. Arrive by your own private lift and step out into the fresh air on your panoramic balcony. Sit back, and wine and dine across the stylish sitting room and private dining area. 

The Viceroy Penthouse is the pinnacle of luxury, overlooking the snow-covered mountain peaks. The most memorable gatherings require a bit of planning – luckily, that's where we come in. Be it a birthday soiree or a special occasion, we will make sure you celebrate in style. Perfect for corporate intimate dinners and events, elevate your gatherings in the Viceroy Penthouse, where luxury meets sophistication amidst breathtaking mountain views. Whether it's a corporate retreat or an intimate dinner, trust our team to make your event truly unforgettable.

To check availability or to book the Elevate Your Celebration package, please contact the Viceroy Kopaonik sales team directly.