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La Marea Menu Launch Event

La Marea Menu Launch Event

March 21, 2024

Hours: 6:30 PM
Location: Poolside
Cost: Tasting menu $86 USD (includes tax and service, welcome cocktail)

Join us for an exclusive launch of the new culinary menu at La Marea. A unique gastronomic experience that has led the restaurant to be recognized among the top 250 restaurants in Mexico by the prestigious culinary guide Nespresso and San Pellegrino. Chef Julio, immersed in the richness and diversity of Mexican cuisine, skillfully merges historical and cultural research with contemporary techniques, thus creating a unique style. This approach challenges paradigms and underscores the idea that tradition is a constant process of evolution.

The new menu has been meticulously crafted to highlight authentic flavors such as chilies, tropical fruits, and fresh seafood. The reinterpretation of classic dishes, like the Grilled Caesar Salad or the Chaya and Shrimp Tortilla in Xcatic, reveals a passionate desire to rejuvenate traditional recipes with a modern twist. The inclusion of local ingredients, such as chaya and crab, demonstrates a commitment to authenticity and a connection to the environment, reflecting a deep respect for Mexico's culinary richness.

For reservations or for more information, email butlerservice@viceroyhotelsandresorts.com or contact the front desk.

About La Marea

Our essence of local cuisine is rooted in the seasonality and quality of products, drawing inspiration from the nostalgia of homemade dishes, the authenticity of street food, and the solemnity of ceremonial dishes. At the heart of La Marea, each dish tells a unique story that yearns to be shared. Our cuisine stands out by imprinting the character of the Yucatán Peninsula and Mexico as a whole. We defy the norm by aspiring to evoke emotions beyond simply explaining ingredients and techniques. La Marea is more than just a restaurant; it is a culinary journey that celebrates traditions, creativity, and constant evolution.