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Discover the Healing Power of Bees

Discover the Healing Power of Bees

June 24, 2024

Location: Wayak Spa

At Viceroy Riviera Maya, we are proud to present a unique experience that combines ancient Mayan wisdom with modern wellness practices. Studies have shown that the frequencies, vibrations, and deep resonances of certain musical instruments have healing power, promoting healing, relaxation, and meditation.

The ancient Mayans believed that bees, guardians of Mother Earth, emit a special sound both when flying and inside their hives, which they use to relax and work better. This buzzing sound has been adopted by various cultures for breathing and relaxation exercises, such as "Bhramari Pranayama" in India.

At our resort, we embrace and honor this knowledge. Our Maák Bacab, the guardian of the Bacabs, leads a brief meditation called "Bee Sound - Healing Meditation," which connects with Mother Earth, our "Pachamama," highlighting the healing power of bee sounds. Combined with the sound of the crystal bowl and a series of breaths, this experience creates physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance, leading our guests to a deep state of peace and tranquility.

At Viceroy Riviera Maya, we are committed to creating experiences with meticulous attention to our guests, nature, and local cultural traditions. As part of this commitment, we promote initiatives such as the Care of the Melipona Bee and the Hive Rescue Program.

To learn more about Melipona bees, our meliponary, or to be part of our experiences related to bees and their honey, contact our Wayak Spa team.

For bookings, contact the spa by phone +52 984 877 3000 Ext. 5027 or email vrm.spa@viceroyhotelsandresorts.com.