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Wayak The Spa At Viceroy Riviera Maya

Mayan Traditions


The magnificence and mysticism of the Mayan culture is admired all over the world. The Mayans believed that while sleeping, the spirit detached from the body and traveled throughout the world in search of wisdom and goodness of the Gods. For the Mayans, the body was the most valuable possession because it was through it that their spirits remained intact and protected in such a way that the rituals for the care of the body were something sacred.

It is this seeking of knowledge and complete wellness that influences our vision. We look forward to helping you find your equilibrium. We believe that a balance between knowledge and relaxation is the key to achieving a feeling of inner tranquility and rejuvenation.

Our treatments are inspired by the ancient Mayan culture, allowing you to reconnect with your inner being. Techniques that have passed from one generation to another are luxuriously applied with the purpose of finding the balance of mind, body and spirit; each experience combines our Mayan roots, sophisticated techniques and ancestral practices with organic ingredients.

Akbal (Invigorating Massage)

For this ancestral Mayan technique, a rebozo is used, in a movement denominated "Manteada" or blanket stretching as ancestrally the traditional Mayan women did to adjust the posture and elongate your muscles. It is an invigorating and therapeutic experience that is performed to allow the adjustment and improve flexibility, achieving an integral benefit of body.

80 minutes

Óox Tséel (Maya Trilogy)

Balance, tranquility and beauty are the principles that inspire to this trilogy, three stages of massage that help to remove the energetic and emotional blockages. Enjoy a ritual of exfoliation of feet, followed by a mixture of essential oils and colorful veils that will assist to purify the spirit, allow yourself to experience deep peace and intense harmony.

80 minutes

Yo'ki'b (Hot Stones)

Allow your body and mind to fly into a place of inner tranquility. In this earth inspired ritual we align the chakras along with the tranquilizing power of copal and the healing power of hot stones. Free your body from tensions and negative energy generated by day-to-day stress.

80 minutes

Wayak the DREAM "The pursuit of wisdom"

An energy cleanser with healing herbs, a relaxing massage and an ancient Mayan technique are part of this unique treatment that will allow you to align the body, relieve stress and fatigue, followed by a brief routine of cupping that will give you a feeling of release and relaxation.

80 minutes

*Signature experience

Xaman-Ek (Love Ritual)

The Mayans believed that the southern star guided the footsteps of lovers on to the path of love, understanding, harmony and abundance. Allow yourself to be pampered side by side with your loved one. We start with a feet ritual, followed by a relaxing massage with our unique essences of love to balance the chakras and immerse yourself in our healing herbal bath, inside a tub made from a black Zapote tree. Let us create the magic, meditating the Mayan words that will be written in your hearts forever.

80 minutes


The Temazcal, whose name comes from the Aztec Nahuatl dialect (House of Hot Stones), is a structure representing mother earth’s womb, in which through steam and medicinal herbs help us to purify the body and spirit. The stones represent the grandmothers which contain the wisdom of the earth inviting us to reflect. Living the experience of the Temazcal is a good opportunity to release what we no longer want in your life and be reborn.

The elements that work with us are:
  • Water - Represents our blood, liquids and emotions
  • Earth - The Temazcal that represents the body, the matter
  • Air - Aromatic fumes, our energy, our breath
  • Fire - Volcanic stones that represents the Spirit

90 minutes

Maya Kamnikte (Maya Ceremony)

The best way to renew love and good wishes for the couple is this Mayan Ceremony, performed and guided by our Shaman, who, following the traditions asks permission to the Universe and the four cardinal points to bless the union of the couple with peace, love, well-being and abundance. As the ceremony comes to an end, the bride and groom make a gift of fresh flower petals to the Gods, asking them to fulfill all their dreams. The ceremony is performed in the Mayan dialect with English or Spanish translation.

90 minutes

Massage Collection


Our massages are influenced by ancient practices from all over the world, including the ancestral Mayan culture, with this holistic wisdom and Viceroy´s well-being principles, we develop unique and traditional experiences; we hope to help you find your equilibrium.

Holistic Massage

Massage focused on your specific needs, which consists of a combination of therapeutic techniques with the pleasure of exquisite aromas that connect all the senses and provide relaxation of mind and body.

80 minutes
50 minutes
30 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage has the purpose of deep relaxation and relieves muscle tension, while providing greater flexibility and eliminates stress. It is focused for those who develop activities that require extra effort. We recommend taking a relaxing massage the day before.

80 minutes
50 minutes

Reflexology Massage

Based on the traditional reflexology technique, this massage looks for focal points in the feet, hands and head to stimulate relaxation and returns all organs of the body to balance.

50 minutes

Madre (Prenatal)

Designed for the well-being of the future mother and baby, our therapists use specialized techniques to give relief, hydration and rest to the whole body. This service is not performed during the first trimester.

50 minutes

Body Treatment Collection


In our body treatments, the products are carefully selected by us and we offer unique experiences full of care, relaxation and enjoyment. Take the time to enjoy the most exquisite form of well-being. Let the Shaman guide you through this experience of discovery.

Jayk’iin (Relief for tropical skin)

Let our Shaman brings his healing benefits to you, this Aloe treatment will allow you to soothe your sun-exposed skin and instantly relieve sunburn, a scalp massage will allow you to relax while your body recovers its elasticity and moisture.

50 minutes

Sac Ha’ (Harvest)

Ceremony in which the Mayan farmers asked the God Cháak for the harvest planted, this ritual represented with the coffee helps to cleanse and detoxify the body through an exfoliation and a body mask followed by a relaxing massage under the warm rain, which will leave you with a sense of peace and tranquility, while your skin regains the energy and natural beauty.

80 minutes

Tzolkin (New beginning)

Prepare your body and soul for a new beginning, through this deliciously prepared treatment, allow your skin to be pampered and rejuvenated under the delights of cocoa and natural essences.

80 minutes

Hunan-Kab (Honey ceremony)

The Melipona Honey (Bee Cheii) has been used since immemorial time as a food and medicinal product, the Mayas designated a God of the honey, Ah-MucenKab (The one who watches over honey). The ritual of honey is the one that leads us to the restoration of the body; Through a relaxing massage with honey, supported by medicinal herb compresses, bathed in a special tea (bal-che) prepared Solely by our Shaman, will help you relax and release the stress of the body.

50 minutes

Facial Treatment Collection


A very special way of pampering yourself! With these exclusive treatments, we offer you unique experiences full of care, relaxation and enjoyment. Take the time to enjoy this most exquisite form of well-being. Either for a specific reason or simply to be pampered. Let us satisfy your personal desires.

Pure Radiance Facial

We invite you to the world of essential energy and beauty. This deep cleansing facial will bring you into a state of relaxation; Eliminating toxins in your skin. Our specialized estheticians will help you select the appropriate mask for your specific needs. At the end, your skin will be nourished and purified.

50 minutes

Discovery Facial

Discover the pleasures with this luxurious moisturizing therapeutic facial. After a gentle cleansing and exfoliation, your esthetician will apply our flagship technique together with a specialized mask to hydrate, nourish and repair your skin. You will notice radiant results.

50 minutes

Iconic facial

Powerful facial, soothing, restorative and anti-aging, during which your skin will be treated with special nutrients. Our exclusive uplifting massage will improve the micro-circulation, which will accelerate the natural repair of the skin; our products will be applied gently on your skin to provide hydration, elasticity and firmness. This treatment will result in well being, improving the flexibility and resistance of your skin.

80 minutes 

His Facial

This revitalizing and deep cleansing facial will help restore flexibility and well-being to the skin. Specially designed for the needs of our male guests who endure the aggressions of shaving and the environment. A soothing and nourishing mask that contributes to the recovery of the skin will be applied, resulting in smooth and supple skin.

50 minutes

Nails & Hair Care


Basic Manicure

If there is just a brief time period, let us pamper you to sleep. An exfoliation with mineral salts and a delicious moisturizing massage with organic oils are part of this short but deeply relaxing experience.

45 minutes

Wayak Manicure

Our signature treatment helps to relieve the tension that new technology generates. With a delicate exfoliation to your hands, a relieving massage and a paraffin treatment, we start with this exquisite spa experience.

60 minutes

Basic Pedicure

An exceptional service, a pedicure is the most important thing to complete your relaxation and beauty as a result. This brief but incredibly relaxing service at your feet will leave you wishing for the next step.

45 minutes

Wayak Pedicure

This pedicure is not only a beauty treatment; it is an experience of integral relaxation, where the beauty of your feet will be the final result. The adaptation of products based on your needs and taste will make this treatment enhance your blood circulation and reduce the general tension of your legs.

60 minutes

Yo'Ki'b Pedicure

An absolute relaxation treatment experience that you have never experienced before! This treatment begins with a cleaning and purification of your feet, followed by a hot stone massage that will relieve tension and improve blood circulation on legs to ultimately sense the well-being on both feet and legs.

80 minutes

Hair Treatment

Allow yourself to indulge to the maximum. This hair treatment transforms and repairs your hair completely, giving it more shine and protection by absorbing instantly while filling in the cracks caused by chemical and the environment. *Your beautician will apply the products according to your capillary needs.

30 minutes

Spa Journeys


Select, personalize and create your own spa package by combining a treatment from each of our collection. Our spa host will assist you in adapting your personalized spa package. Immerse yourself in our jucuzzi and steam room to fully relax, experience and pamper yourself.

Taam Wa'atal (Deep Relaxation)

Indulge yourself in a state of enjoyment, relaxation and experience the ancient Mayan techniques arranged in our treatments. This journey welcomes you with a purification of the soul, a fifty minutes massage of our selection, continue with your face to take your inner beauty to the outside and we finish with hands and feet, a total and deep relaxation will be the final result.

150 minutes

(Wayak body treatment, relaxation massage, pure radiance facial)

Yaakun (Love) *Couples Retreat

A romantic retreat in our private spa suite! Together you will enjoy a Mayan body experience, followed by a personalized couples massage and a scalp, that will allow you to relax to the maximum, we ends with a bath exclusively made to measure your needs in our tub made of a piece of black Zapote (tree exclusive of our Mayan region) .

260 minutes

(Body treatment, massage, cranial and bath)

Je'elel Taam (Deep Rest)

Enjoy this spa retreat full of transformation and harmony; this package includes a fifty minutes body treatment, followed by an eighty-minute massage of your choice to relax the spirit, energize yourself with our exclusive Spa food menu, after lunch we continue with a fifty minutes purifying facial that will leave your skin moisturized and radiant a manicure and pedicure will be the end of this restful experience.

330 minutes

(Body treatment, massage, facial, manicure and pedicure)

Enhance Your Spa Experience


These mini treatments will be the perfect harmony between being well and being at your best moment of relaxation, nothing extravagant, simply treatments that goes along to each spa experience, so the relaxation is total and lasting.

  • Scalp Massage - Specially designed to relieve the accumulated tension after many hours of work, pure consent for prolonged well-being.
  • Foot & Leg Massage - This massage allows you to pamper yourself and at the end you will feel that you are floating in the air, improves your circulation and complements any experience making it more pleasurable.
  • Aromatherapy Balm - Created to enrich the massage experience and the well-being of your body.
  • Aloe Vera - If you don’t like body treatments, we can give you the same benefit in your massage, with this simple but effective change in your reserved experience.
  • Spa Couples Suite - Spend that special moment in private and let us show you the Wayak hospitality.
  • Special Occasions Set Up - nothing like the romanticism for that special moment. Let us create the right atmosphere for that special occasion.

*These luxurious mini experiences are available for 50 or more minute’s and they are not sold alone.