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Playa Xcalacoco Frac 7
77710 Playa del Carmen
Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo Mexico
T: +52 984 877 3000
F: +52 984 877 3001

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Tips from our Concierge

Experience Riviera Maya from a local's perspective. As a destination of beautiful white beaches and turquoise waters, our Concierge team is please to provide you with their picks of their top activities, hidden enclaves of Mayan treasures and a list of endless sights to see while visiting our seaside home. 

Omar's Picks

An Encounter with Mayan Culture

The closest archaeological zones to our beautiful resort are 45 - 80 minutes away; Tulum and Coba. Both can be visit in the same day or you can choose some of them depending on your preferences. 

If you prefer a day filled with adventure we recommend exploring "Coba" a place in the jungle, where you can enjoy a leisurely walk while admiring the lush landscapes of the jungle and the birds that inhabit them. After a short stroll through the jungle, you can climb atop an ancient pyramid, and soak in breathtaking views from the top. 

If you are planning a relaxing day with culture "Tulum" is you best option, you can visit the ruins, explore a piece of history and after, have a relaxing lunch near the beach.

A View From Above

Save some traveling time and experience a great view from the heights while flying to the most beautiful places of the Mayan Riviera. Visit the Chichén Itzá Ruins by plane in less than 50min, and let your tour guide to lead you into the history and secrets of this magical place. Visit the ancient Cenotes (surface connections to subterranean water bodies) and eat typical Mexican dishes.

Natalia's Picks

A Dip in the Cenote

If you like adventure one of the things that you must visit are the underground rivers most popularly known as cenotes. There are 5 thousand cenotes around the world and more than half of them are located in Riviera Maya. 

Suitable for all seasons, the cenotes are a divers dream. Pop on your mask or grab a snorkel and dive in for an afternoon dip. On a warm sunny day, or a rainy afternoon, the cenotes remain at moderate temperature and make for a refreshing way to cool off and relax. 

Local Friends in the Treetops

Perched high above the tress, and most frequently seen around our resort, you'll find the Spider Monkeys. Although they make frequent appearances around Viceroy Riviera Maya, I recommend you head to Punta Laguna Spider Monkey Reserve and observe these adorable creatures in their natural habitat. While here you can also enjoy kayaking, zip lining, cenote swimming and jungle strolls.

Karen's Picks

The Largest Shark in the Sea

Snorkel alongside the largest shark in the sea, the Whale Shark. At Isla Contoy tourists from around the world are invited to experience this unique, one of a kind day in the water. These large, friendly mammals head to where the Caribbean meets the Gulf from May to September to feed on plankton making it a safe environment for marine enthusiasts to swim alongside these underwater giants. 

A Divers Haven

In the Maya language, Akumal means "place of the turtles" and it is still one of their favorite places for laying their eggs. However what makes Akumal such a charming and fascinating destination for tourists from around the world is its spectacular protected bay area of transparent waters and the sweet water currents that flow through its caves and subterranean rivers. 

Akumal's silky white sand beaches are protected by off-shore reefs. This is a haven for divers from around the world who have been coming here for decades.