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Hotel Sustainability

Eco-Friendly Initiatives at Viceroy Santa Monica

Viceroy Santa Monica is engaged in an ongoing process of implementing environmental hotel and sustainability initiatives. This course of action begins by creating a written environmental and sustainability policy and enacting a water and energy savings plan and comprehensive recycling programs. Learn more about sustainability at Viceroy Hotels & Resorts.

Sustainability Practices

Guest Services

For each guest, we provide local listings for eco-friendly restaurants, businesses, and services.

Guests can receive their folios via email at check-out.

Water Conservation

Over 95% of the fixtures installed in the hotel are low flow, meaning they use less water than ordinary fixtures.

A drip-irrigation system has been installed for all trees and flowerbeds and is set to irrigate in early morning and evening periods only.

A leak-detection system has been set up for all fixtures.

An active plan has been established to reduce chlorine usage in the swimming pool and fountains.

Viceroy Santa Monica has implemented a linen and towel reuse program for our guests.

Green Housekeeping

Our housekeeping staff utilizes our state-of-the-art Electrolyzer system, which creates in-house cleaning products that are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, ensuring that the air in your room is healthy, clean and fresh.

All products, including soaps, shampoo, and conditioner, for the spa, guest bathrooms and public restrooms are eco-friendly.

Neil George refillable soap, shampoo and conditioner bottles are used in all guest bathrooms, saving thousands of plastic bottles each month.

Indoor Air Quality

Viceroy Santa Monica has an air purifier or HEPA filter in each room.

The property is 100% non-smoking.

Reduced Emissions

Guests with hybrid cars receive $10 off overnight parking.

Viceroy Santa Monica has established incentives for employee carpooling and the use of public transport.

Waste Management

We have a comprehensive recycling program that includes light bulbs, glass, cardboard, paper, cell phones, batteries and printer cartridges.

Our policy for newspaper delivery is by request only.

We installed runoff filters in our parking lots to prevent debris from draining into the Santa Monica Bay.


Viceroy Santa Monica has adopted a Green Purchasing policy that outlines our commitment to purchasing sustainable, eco-friendly products whenever possible.

We have actively increased the purchasing of food from local sources.