Fitness & Yoga

Fitness Equipment & Amenities:

Technogym equipment:

  • 3 treadmills
  • 2 elliptical cross trainers
  • 1 exercise bike
  • 1 multi-functional gym for physical fitness and muscle-strengthening equipment
  • Hampton dumbbells
  • 5 yoga mats
  • Digital weighing scale
  • 2 benches 
  • 1 ball


  • Water and fresh fruit
  • Towels 
  • Telephone
  • Hands towels and sanitizer

Yoga Classes:

To give you an experience according to your needs, we offer a variety of yoga styles including: Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Chakra Yoga along with meditation programs, circuits and body work through suspension and resistance. Please contact the concierge for prices and reservations. 

We can also provide you with our fitness activities in the comfort and privacy of your villa, in a private class.

  • Regular Yoga Class | 50 minutes
  • Fitness Class | 50 minutes
  • Private Yoga or Fitness Class
  • Extra person in private class

* These activities require a previous reservation.