A Person Standing Next To A Tree
Global Wellness Day at Wayak Spa

Global Wellness Day at Wayak Spa

June 8, 2024

Location: Wayak Spa

Nature is the heart of Global Wellness Day 2024. It revolves around the central idea of reconnecting with nature. To connect with nature is to liberate oneself and become an integral part of the world. Feel the embrace of liberation and nurture a healthier self.

Join us at Wayak Spa to experience the power of nature. With the purchase of a 50-minute massage, enjoy a complimentary Temazcal session. Uncover the shortcuts to happiness, where nature stands as a radiant pathway. Reconnect with nature and elevate your wellness journey with us.

For bookings, contact the spa by phone at +52 984 877 3000 Ext. 5027 or email vrm.spa@viceroyhotelsandresorts.com. Booking required at least 48 hours in advance, maximum capacity 6 people.