A Group Of People Sitting At A Table With A Cake
Delicious Chaos Gastronomic Experience

Delicious Chaos Gastronomic Experience

December 26, 2023

Hours: 7:00 PM (Estimated service duration: 2 hours. The table is meant to be shared with other guests.)
Location: Coral Roof
Cost: 85 USD per person

La "Cena al Revés" is much more than a meal; it's a shared experience among friends and loved ones, an opportunity to delight in the unexpected, and a chance to immerse yourself in a culinary world full of surprises and emotions.

Prepared with mastery, presented with elegance, and savored with awe. Each bite is a culinary masterpiece, an explosion of flavors that defies expectations and delights the senses.

Desserts first, main courses later. Surprise, fun, and extraordinary flavors await. Book your spot now and embark on an evening that will challenge your senses!

Advance reservations required, limited to 20 people. For reservations, please contact butlerservice@viceroyhotelsandresorts.com or call us toll free at +1 800 578 0280.

Events are based on availability and subject to change.