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Hotel Sustainability

Eco-Friendly Initiatives at Viceroy at Ombria Algarve

Viceroy at Ombria Algarve sits at the epicenter of Ombria's genuine commitment to sustainability, creating vital infrastructure, improving accessibility, and generating new jobs and business opportunities. We see ourselves as a member of a larger community, supporting several sports and cultural local associations and entities throughout nearby towns and villages. By adopting a transparent policy on all these issues, implementing fair and sustainable trade practices, supporting local contractors, and running awareness-raising campaigns encouraging respect for nature, our local heritage, culture, and communities, we aim to live here in the same harmony as our neighboring villages. Learn more about sustainability at Viceroy Hotels & Resorts.

Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficiency Award - 2023 Lisbon Real Estate Exhibition – SIL Awards

Hotel Design


Principles of sustainability were applied to the design and attributes of every building found at Ombria Algarve. Bioclimatic architecture, both innovative and traditional, allows for energy to be conserved wherever possible, using age-old Algarvian build methods and locally sourced materials perfectly adapted to the climate.

  • Full energy systems monitoring and control (HVAC, Lights, energy consumptions)
  • HVAC equipment with free cooling

For perfect thermal protection and sound proofing, the façades comprise Diasen “Diathonite Evolution”, which is a natural eco-friendly premixed plaster (with cork), totally cement-free, made with pure natural hydraulic lime, clay, diatomaceous earth and reinforcing fibres. This product has the best coefficient of thermal conductivity currently on the market for thermal coatings. Another advantage is that with this solution we have also eliminated using plastic / oil-based materials in the wall structure. We also eliminated using plastic products under wooden parquet floors, cork-based material will provide the sound insulation required.

Based on the principles of bioclimatic architecture, the building design and architecture at Ombria Algarve employs the use of both locally inspired regional elements and locally sourced natural materials, leading to an overall reduction of energy consumption and environmental footprint.

Lighting for both public spaces and interiors have been carefully selected to minimize energy consumption and maximize lifespan – with all installations using LED technology. Photoelectric sensors also help to maximize energy efficiency with centralized control systems for indoor and outdoor lighting that follow changes in daylight, weather and occupancy.

Hotel Guests will receive access to parking spaces with electric vehicle charge points available, with a total of 32 individual access points.

External (Park) Internal (Park) Electric Motorcycle
Lot E (Hotel) 4 5 0
Lot F (Clubhouse) 5 8 2

Separating waste will be made easy for guests, residents and staff with eco-points and recycling bins available inside and out helping to promote a culture of organized recycling throughout the resort.

Golf Certification

Golf Course was recognized with a GEO Foundation certification, showing and outlining the ways in which the construction of the golf development, has benefited local communities and the environment.