Consent for Use of Content

By replying #YesViceroy, I grant Viceroy Hotel Management, LLC and its affiliates and agents (collectively “Viceroy”) an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully paid-up, royalty-free, sub-licensable license and right to reproduce, transmit, display, comment on, edit, modify, alter, exploit, create derivative works based upon, combine with other works (and all copyrights therein and thereto and all renewals and extensions thereof), and otherwise distribute the photos, videos, comments, experiences, stories, or other content that I submit to Viceroy or otherwise approve of Viceroy to use (e.g. by replying #YesViceroy) (collectively, “Content”), including the right to use the Content for promotional, advertising and other purposes in any media, including social media, without compensation, permission, notification, attribution, or restriction from me or any third party. I further grant to Viceroy the right to use my name, image, likeness, appearance and voice, and that of any of my minor child in the Content, as such is embodied in the Content.

I represent and warrant that (a) I am at least 18 years old and have the right and authority to enter into this consent; (b) the Content are my original works of authorship and I own all the rights in and to the Content and have the right to grant Viceroy a license to use the Content (including any material embodied in the Content; (c) I am the parent or legal guardian of the minor(s) (if any) whose likenesses appears in the Content; (d) I have express permission from any person, living or dead, in the Content to use their likeness; and (e) the Content does not in any way infringe, misappropriate or otherwise violate the intellectual property or other proprietary or personal rights of any person or otherwise subject Viceroy to any payment or attribution obligation.

I understand that any use of Content is solely at Viceroy’s discretion, that I do not have any rights of review or approval prior to the use of the Content, and that Viceroy may edit or make derivative works from the Content.