Victors Referral Program

  • Referring colleague will earn a 5% commission, calculated on the paid and consumed room (or catering) revenue generated from their referral.
  • Referring colleague will be paid an advanced commission of $200 within 30 days of contracting by the receiving hotel. The final payout (any remaining balance up to the total 5%) will be paid within 30 days after group has departed (actualized) and the final bill has been paid in full.
  • Referrals may be made for the following kinds of business: 1. Groups (defined as 10 rooms on one peak or more but exceptions may be made by the receiving hotel’s executive committee), 2. Banquet Events and 3. Corporate Business Travel.
  • Please scroll down for full list of program terms and conditions or contact Global Sales with program questions.

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  • Lead Qualification: Customer must be willing to sign a contract/agreement for their business (group, catering or business travel) in connection with the referred business. Non-contracted business will not qualify even if it falls within other defined perimeters.
  • Maximum Payout: $25,000 per booked group room block on non-commissionable business, $10,000 per booked group room block on commissionable business, $5,000 per booked catering event, and $5,000 per referred and accepted corporate account.
  • If both a group room block and a catering event have been booked together by the same referred client, the payout will be whichever is greater (not for both).
  • Referrals are paid on new business only. Repeat business is not eligible for this incentive.
  • Offer not valid on employee-discounted events.
  • Eligibility: All sales colleagues are eligible. However, sales colleagues are not eligible for incentives tied to leads they send to their own property or properties they are responsible for selling as part of their “regular” job responsibilities.
  • Leads submitted through the G-Leads system (GHA) or Pebblebrook’s referral program are not eligible for this incentive as well.
  • This promotion is subject to change and may be canceled at any time at the discretion of the Executive Committee of Viceroy Hotel Group.


  • Consists of corporate accounts of frequent travelers, extended stays/ residence agreements or volume accounts.
  • Customer must be willing to sign an agreement to secure a minimum of ten (10) cumulative room nights with volume accounts.
  • Does not consist of the individual traveler for one property visit; these inquiries should be referred to reservations and will not qualify for a referral incentive.
  • Any individual traveler that stays a minimum of 10 cumulative nights may qualify for an extended stay lead and will qualify for a referral incentive when accompanied by a signed contract.
  • Payouts for Corporate Accounts will occur at year end, only in year 1.


The incentive payout is a self-supported process.

  • The referring sales colleague is responsible for:
    • Submission of the referred business on for tracking purposes, and documentation as a contact activity in Amadeus Advanced (Delph.fdc), if the referring sales colleague has access to that platform.
    • Regular communication with the receiving hotel to understand when the business has been contracted, when it is consumed and when the final bill is paid in full.
    • Respectful communication with the receiving hotel to ensure their $200 advanced payment is paid within 30 days of contract signature.
    • Respectful communication with the receiving hotel to ensure that the balance of their 5% commission is paid within 30 days after the group departs (actualizes) and the final bill has been paid in full.
    • Providing regular status updates to their Director of Sales & Marketing.
  • The receiving hotel sales colleague is responsible for:
    • Documentation of receipt of the original referral request (which once submitted from the referral website, would have come in the form of an email from eRFP NextGuest “Viceroy Referral Program”). If the receiving colleague has access to Amadeus Advanced (Delphi.fdc), they are responsible for saving a copy of the original referral request in the activities in the new booking.
    • Ongoing communication with the referring colleague to notify them once the business has been contracted.
    • Ensuring that the 5% Viceroy referral commission information is documented in their sales and catering platform (if applicable), their reservation system and in their billing system.
    • Notifying in writing to both their Director of Sales and their accounting department of the internal lead referral commission during the turnover process to conference services.
    • Regular updates with their Director of Sales & Marketing on payout status and timing.
    • Working with their Director of Sales to complete their hotel’s internal payment request form process with their accounting team for both the $200 advanced payment and the final payout; detailing the backup for paid and actualized room revenue, and confirm approval by their General Manager. All payments are to be made through company check from hotel to hotel and not through Viceroy Hotel Group.
  • Referring party must be employed by Viceroy Hotel Group at the time of payout.
  • Referral monies will not be paid for cancellations, attrition and/or no-show revenues; however, by accepting a referred lead it is understood that the pre-payment of $200 at time of contracting will not be refunded if the program is cancelled.
  • If a program is rebooked for new dates, the referring colleague still qualifies for this referral incentive program, and referral monies will be paid within 30 days after the group actualizes on its new dates and the final bill has been paid in full.