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Butler Service at Viceroy Los Cabos

When you have a room at the edge of the ocean, sometimes it’s hard to leave it. That’s where your butler comes in. Sit back and relax anywhere and at any time, and they will be there to assist. Whether it’s making a restaurant reservation (let them help you secure a beachside table), booking an appointment at our spa (Harmonyum Healing is an only-here experience), or simply bringing you an item you forgot to pack, just ask your butler. It’s our stress-free way of hosting you, and we couldn’t be happier to help.


$175 USD for the full stay

Bulter service is complimentary in our Villa, Casita and the Penthouse accommodations.


US Toll-Free: +1 844 222 6987
MX Toll-Free: +01 800 461 0058
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Butler Benefits

Convenient Reservations:
Your butler takes care of all your reservations, whether it's for dining, spa treatments, cabanas, transportation services, airport transfers, or any other activities you wish to enjoy during your stay. No need to worry about availability or logistics – it's all handled for you.

Special Discounts:
As our valued guest, enjoy a 10% discount on any dinner outlets and Spa treatments reservations made through your butler. Viceroys experience 15 % discount (Beach Cabana, Romantic Dinner, Tequila & Wine Experience) courtesy of our commitment to enhancing your stay.

Facility Guidance:
Get a personalized tour from your butler who will provide detailed information about the hotel's facilities. Whether it's the gym, pool, spa, or any other amenities, your butler ensures you know all the options available for your relaxation and enjoyment.

Included Services Awareness:
Your butler keeps you informed about the array of complimentary services available to you. From shoe shining to laundry drop-off and recollection, ironing (including 5 pieces of luggage complimentary), packing, unpacking, hot tub preparation, and even dog walking if needed, these services are seamlessly integrated into your stay for added convenience.

Time Efficiency:
By having your butler coordinate reservations and inform you about included services, your valuable time is maximized. No need to spend time researching or managing these details – your butler handles it all, allowing you to focus on enjoying your stay.

Personalized Attention:
Your butler's role is to ensure your preferences are considered. From scheduling activities to recommending services that suit your tastes, personalized attention enhances your overall experience.

Stress-Free Experience:
With your butler managing reservations and services, you can relax and enjoy your time without the stress of coordinating various aspects of your stay. It's a worry-free experience designed for your comfort.

Enhanced Comfort:
Enjoy the additional services seamlessly provided by your butler, such as shoe shining and laundry services (including 5 pieces of luggage), contributing to your overall comfort and ensuring you look and feel your best throughout your stay.

Versatile Assistance:
Your butler offers a versatile range of services, from preparing your hot tub to assisting with packing and unpacking. This adaptability ensures that your stay is tailored to your needs and preferences.

Comprehensive Experience:
Your butler's knowledge of the hotel's offerings ensures you have a comprehensive experience, making the most of all available services and facilities. It's a curated stay that covers every aspect of your comfort and enjoyment.

Uninterrupted Enjoyment:
With your butler taking care of reservations and providing information about services, you can focus on enjoying your stay without interruptions, knowing that all logistical details are expertly managed.