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Commercial Requests

Welcome to the Commercial Department's Request Portal. This portal was designed to assist in streamlining and management of requests to Viceroy's Corporate Commercial Department.

Request Forms


For requests that require new pages or updates on the website including an offer, restaurant hours/menus or updates to the Event Calendar. 

This request will be sent to Digital team. 


    For requests that require an update or new design on collateral, printed material, and advertisements. Please visit WeAreViceroy.com to view current templates that are available for your usage before submitting a request. 

    This request will be sent to the Brand team for evaluation and referral to a Viceroy-approved freelance graphic designer.


      For requests for email campaigns. 

      This request will be sent to Digital team. 

        DISCOVERY Local Experiences

        For requests to add or edit a DISCOVERY Local Experience on discoveryloyalty.com. 

        This request will be sent to Corporate DISCOVERY leam.

          DISCOVERY Exclusive Offer

          For requests to generate an Exclusive Offer for DISCOVERYLOYALTY.com. 

          This request will be sent to the DISCOVERY lead.

            Turnaround Times

            Please note that due to recent COVID-related changes, project turnaround times may be delayed. 

            Digital Basic Update* Text Changes, Corrections, Fee Changes, Image changes. 72 Hours
            Digital New Special Offer Specials, Packages, PR Packages 10 Days**
            Digital Web Dev Project New Pages, Forms Assessment + Project Timeline TBD
            Digital Email Marketing Review/Edit     8 Days
            Print Existing Collateral Text Updates 5 Days for RI Draft
            Print Design Requests Design, Print, and Collateral Based on Brand team approval and freelance Graphic Designer
            Brand Photo Photoshoots, F&B campaign, pop-up, partnership 6 weeks