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San Francisco Road Trips

Hit the road from Los Angeles, Seattle and beyond, with our guide to road trippin' your way to San Francisco. Our staff has provided unique and scenic spots to stop at along the way. Document your journey using #ViceroyRoadTrip for a chance to be featured.

Best Road Trips to San Francisco

The open roads are waiting. Pack your bags and put your car in cruise control. A road trip to San Francisco is just what you need to clear your mind and get back out there. Our Urban Retreat hotels will welcome you for a memorable stay once you get to the City by the Bay.

Los Angeles to San Francisco

Route: US-101 N
Miles: Approximately 420 miles

The US-101 N, which takes you from Los Angeles to San Francisco, is full of coastal views and a variety of landscapes. It should take you about seven hours if you drive nonstop. But a detour on Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1), which starts in San Luis Obispo, is well worth the added miles and offers interesting roadside attractions and picture-perfect moments along the way.

Seattle to San Francisco

Route: I-5 S
Miles: Approximately 808 miles

This drive is a biggie, clocking in at just over 13 hours nonstop. Yet you can break up the time and get a lot of fresh air with pitstops in Portland, and along the Northern California and Sonoma coasts.

Phoenix to San Francisco

Route: I-10 W and I-5 N
Miles: Approximately 753 miles

This one will satisfy your appetite for the rugged outdoors and downright luxurious. It will take you just under 12 hours nonstop, but you’ll want to take time to break at Joshua Tree National Park, Beverly Hills and more.

Road Trip Itineraries

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On-The-Go Fun

Road Trip Activities

Games to play while traveling

Road trips can be long but they don't have to be boring. Keep everyone entertained with a few classic car ride activities.

  • Eye Spy - The classic road trip game where one person spies an object out the window and the other players take turns guessing what it is.
  • License Plate Game - Spot license plates from as many states and countries as possible. 
  • Road Trip Q&A - Get your group inspired with a list of destination-specific questions and answers to spark conversation along the way.
  • Roadside Selfie - Create a list of unique objects or landmarks. When you spot them, stop and grab a selfie. See how many you can cross off before you reach your destination.