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Experience Mexico in Full Color at Our Outdoor Dining Patio

From the street-style tacos to the live music to the vibrant Mexican décor, Awacate at Viceroy Los Cabos has its festive spirit on full display. Set in a casual outdoor garden, it will put you in the mood to celebrate with its lively atmosphere and focus on regional food and drinks (yes, the mezcal menu runs deep).

Drop by, day or night. Relax among the citrus trees. Get a taste of a true Mexican kitchen. Our chefs use recipes inherited from their great-great-grandparents, tapping into local ingredients to offer you not just a colorful meal, but a joyful journey through cultural legacies.


Where the Oceans Meet

by Fernando "Lelo" Juarez

Juarez’s mural unfolds with a central figure, a lion of the seas, symbolizing the jungle's monarch with a distinctive Mesoamerican touch, featuring Tlaloc's eyes and a skull reflecting the passion to honor the memories and inner essence of living beings, especially humans. This majestic being blooms like a spring flower, encircled by maguey or agave stalks, encapsulating a chest that harbors the rich diversity of Mexico's corn varieties—integral in agricultural cycles and quintessential to Mexican gastronomy.
The blossoming spectacle draws marine creatures from the Sea of Cortez, including the humpback whale and whale shark. It captures the harmonious convergence of the desert, terrestrial sea, mountains, and sky, portraying the diverse flora and fauna of Baja California Sur. The ceremonial flowering unfolds in the Mexican desert sea of Baja California, marked by vibrant and contemporary colors that define the artistic brilliance of Mexican virtuoso Fernando "Lelo" Juarez.

Where the Oceans Meet

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