Artist series

A Canvas For Discovery

With A Canvas for Discovery, the artist series from Viceroy Hotels & Resorts, we provide the canvas where each stroke of the brush reveals another story. To follow a trend is effortless, but to create timeless trends requires creative foresight, dedication to individuality, and devotion to exceeding creative excellence. Imagination underscores A Canvas for Discovery through original, site-specific works created by innovative artists from painters to musicians and sculptors to photographers, whose works of art welcome and guide guests on inspiring experiences at each Viceroy hotel.

Nick Waterhouse

The first musician to participate in A Canvas for Discovery Artist Series is Nick Waterhouse, an American singer, songwriter, and record producer from Southern California with a passionate, rockabilly sound rooted in rhythm & blues, jazz, and soul.

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Deep roots

Like plants, people’s outward appearances often look very different. But our inner similarities are the unseen roots that connect ecosystems, both natural and social. These two installations at Viceroy Los Cabos and Viceroy Santa Monica represent people transcending labels for a peaceful coexistence.

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Doors for Charity

In October 2018, Viceroy Chicago launched Designer Doors for Charity, a charitable initiative in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The month-long collaboration with eight Chicago artists asked them each to create and paint a design inspired by fighting breast cancer directly onto the guest room doors of the hotel’s fifth floor.

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7-Story Canvas

What started as an Instagram contest has turned into one of the most unique hotel art installations in San Francisco. The seven-story stairwell at Hotel Zetta was tagged and transformed by local artists including Buff Monster, Apexer, Steiner, Deb, Elle, Dirty Bandits, Mike Tyau, Pemex, and Griffin.

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