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While the datepicker is open, the following key commands are available:

  • PAGE UP: Move to the previous month.
  • PAGE DOWN: Move to the next month.
  • CTRL + PAGE UP: Move to the previous year.
  • CTRL + PAGE DOWN: Move to the next year.
  • CTRL + HOME: Open the datepicker if closed.
  • CTRL/COMMAND + HOME: Move to the current month.
  • CTRL/COMMAND + LEFT: Move to the previous day.
  • CTRL/COMMAND + RIGHT: Move to the next day.
  • CTRL/COMMAND + UP: Move to the previous week.
  • CTRL/COMMAND + DOWN: Move to the next week.
  • ENTER: Select the focused date.
  • CTRL/COMMAND + END: Close the datepicker and erase the date.
  • ESCAPE: Close the datepicker without selection.


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Partner Hotel

Enjoy remarkable experiences worldwide at our partner hotels in the Global Hotel Alliance, which is a collection of more than 550 upscale and luxury hotels in over 76 countries.

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Stay at Viceroy

Viceroy delivers one-of-a-kind lifestyle experiences that bring together provocative design and intuitive service in sought-after locations around the world. Signature brand amenities and services created for diverse guests include world-class culinary and destination spas specializing in health, fitness and beauty.

Existing Reservations
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Member Levels

As part of our commitment to providing memorable experiences all over the world, Viceroy Hotels and Resorts is proud to offer guests the DISCOVERY loyalty program. Membership is complimentary and you will start receiving benefits immediately upon your next stay.

The Viceroy DISCOVERY program offer three levels of membership: Gold, Platinum and Black. As a member, you progress to the next level based on the number of nights you stay in Viceroy and GHA hotels (within one calendar year). After 10 nights you move from Gold to Platinum level which includes access to last-minute room availability, upgrades and late check-out. 

Once you've achieved 30 nights, you'll progress to our top tier - Black level - which includes all of the Platinum benefits, plus room upgrades, early and late checkout and access to several special amenities. Keep in mind, as you progress from level to level, or stay at new GHA brand hotels, you'll earn authentic Local Experiences which can be used at Viceroy hotels or any GHA hotel throughout the DISCOVERY program.

Learn more about these benefits.      

Join DISCOVERY today. Join DISCOVERY today.