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Partner Hotel

Enjoy remarkable experiences worldwide at our partner hotels in the Global Hotel Alliance, which is a collection of more than 550 upscale and luxury hotels in over 76 countries.

Stay at a Partner Hotel
Stay at Viceroy

Viceroy delivers one-of-a-kind lifestyle experiences that bring together provocative design and intuitive service in sought-after locations around the world. Signature brand amenities and services created for diverse guests include world-class culinary and destination spas specializing in health, fitness and beauty.

Existing Reservations

Our Culture

What distinguishes Viceroy Hotel and Resort properties from other destinations on the hospitality map?

Legendary locations are just the beginning. From a chic suite in the city's center to a sumptuous villa on a secluded Caribbean beach, an urbane lounge for cocktails at dusk to a private cabana for a two-hour massage, every setting is one-of-a-kind. Viceroy reinterprets today's sense of history, modernity, tradition and innovation in a uniquely timeless way.

Yet within each very individual environment, certain qualities are welcomingly consistent. Creativity, comfort and advanced service are the signatures of every Viceroy experience, with guest needs innovatively anticipated and graciously accommodated. Equally constant are the accolades our distinctive hotels earn on annual Condé Nast Traveler Gold Lists, Travel + Leisure Top 500 surveys, Departures Readers' picks, and in the pages of the New York Times, Gourmet and Vogue.

From arrival to departure and back again, it's this blend of the indispensable, unexpected and imperceptible that makes each Viceroy property a top choice among many—and a destination unto itself.

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    Inspiring Design Presence Like No Other

    Palettes that pique senses. Motifs that capture imaginations. Spaces that inspire innovation. At the porte-cochère or in the penthouse, Viceroy’s one-of-a-kind environments set the stage for romance, business, leisure and celebration.

    Envisioned and interpreted by a cadre of renowned architects and designers—including internationally recognized tastemaker Kelly Wearstler, Inc., Jean-Michel Gathy and resort masterminds Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo—these interior and exterior spaces play on modern needs, desires and expectations.

    Never replicated from property to property, always unexpected and sophisticated, Viceroy’s timeless design approach resonates from arrival to departure and back again.

  • brunch

    Impeccable, Intuitive Service

    Behind the amenities and beyond the design details lies Viceroy's signature service philosophy. At the ready before guests call, invisible when privacy is prized, it's an intuitive approach with very tangible advantages.

    Service starts with guest needs innovatively anticipated, then uniquely accommodated. Warmth is a given, discretion an essential. Options for personalizing and streamlining your stay abound, with preferences assured on return visits.

    With a mission to overlook no detail or desire, the entire Viceroy staff is focused on delivering a seamless experience—for each guest and every request.

  • spa entrance at viceroy

    Luxuriant Personal Necessities and Indulgences

    Within the urban habitat or miles from its fervent pace, Viceroy destinations are home to luxuriant personal necessities, inventive leisure experiences, and up-to-the-moment conveniences.

    Indulgence and access underscore guest rooms—from deluxe linens and opulent bath appointments to wireless Internet access and personal media centers. Inventive dining and drinking, including signature cocktails and critically acclaimed menus by celebrated chefs, beckon locals and guests alike. And secluded niches, sumptuous spas and notable social spaces become gathering points for personal and professional pursuits.

  • salmon

    Inventive Food and Beverage Experiences

    Acclaimed by top critics, Viceroy's restaurants provide a unique dining experience, each a driving force on the local culinary scene. Every location reflects uncommon experiences that offer the ambiance and service of the individual property, featuring acclaimed chefs, signature cocktails, top-quality ingredients and inspiring settings. With each location you will find unique environments—whether poolside, in an intimate bar, or on a 50th-floor rooftop—to gather among friends and celebrate the evening with handcrafted libations and the world’s top DJs.

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    Specially Tailored Meetings and Events

    As a meeting destination, corporate retreat, or restful hideaway between presentations, each Viceroy property offers exceptional service and amenities to make meetings and events both successful and easy.

    Choose any of our locations for your next business meeting, press event, photo shoot, sales presentation, conference or special event. You’ll find comprehensive catering services for any event type—all with relentless attention to detail

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