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Vagaru Island P.O. Box 2031
Shaviyani Atoll, Maldives
T: +960 654 5000
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Ceremony Venues at Viceroy

With its setting of singular beauty, Viceroy Maldives offers enchanting opportunities for an exceptionally memorable exchange of vows. From intimate blessings to a celebration that encompasses the entire island, Viceroy Maldives can grant every wish. 

  • beach maldives


    Plan a ceremony set on Viceroy Maldives’ pristine shores, and invite your entire circle of family and friends, or keep it to just the two of you and feel like you’re in a hidden paradise. With event details only limited by your imagination, our staff can help you create the union of your dreams.

  • Yoga pavilion Wedding Blessing

    Yoga Pavilion

    Be at one with the elements during your ceremony, while feeling on the water’s edge—the Yoga Pavilion is a serene sanctuary balanced between the sounds of the sea and the horizon. This unique venue is built over the water, accommodates up to 30 guests and its open structure allows for an expansive, 180-degree view out over the ocean.

  • reflection


    Feel as if you are standing on the edge of the world while your ceremony is mirrored in the spectacular reflection of the Viceroy Maldives’ black-bottomed infinity pool. Be surrounded by your party of guests as well as unobstructed views of the ocean. Hold your event poolside and combine your blessing with the resort’s glamour-infused luxury for an elegant, chic event.

  • treehouse restaurant


    The Treehouse’s location at the southernmost tip of the island makes it an excellent ceremony venue any time of day. From sunrise to dramatic sunsets to the intensely starry night skies, the perfect backdrop to your event awaits you at the Treehouse. Move straight into the reception after the union ceremony, as guests will enjoy the resort’s plush outdoor lounge and its artfully placed cushions and loungers for gathering, relaxing and celebrating.

  • In Villa blessing

    In Villa

    Exchange your vows in the privacy of your own villa, in an intimate ceremony on your own or with a specially select group of guests. Whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor blessing, each of Viceroy’s 61 villas provides the perfect setting: a beach villa with its own lush garden surrounded by a screen of greenery and an ocean-view sundeck, or an over-water villa’s vast ocean vista.

  • reef


    For a truly unique celebration, surround yourself in the warm waters and extraordinary beauty of the atoll’s lagoon. Renowned as one of the world’s top spots for diving, scuba enthusiasts will be able to receive their blessings in the lagoon’s underwater grotto where dolphins, manta rays and schools of colorful of reef fish will attend as a special set of guests.