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Generation V - Festive 2016

Children will be delighted with a variety of activities available morning, noon and night through Gen V!
Below is a link to the schedule of events for this holiday season as you begin to make your plans for the Festive season. A more detailed listing will be given to guests upon arrival. Happy Holidays from Gen V.

Anguilla Mermaid Experience
We invite you to blur the line between fantasy and reality and escape into the mythical world of mermaids with us! Our mermaid classes allow children to participate in a unique aquatic attraction in a safe and fun environment. Our multi-level classes are geared toward helping kids improve their swimming skills and gain confidence in the water. Parents can be confident that their little mermaids and merboys are in the safe hands and under the close supervision of our professional instructor. The activity allows children to enjoy fun in the sun with others while expressing themselves in a unique way. Children ages 6 and up are welcome. Adult classes are also available. Choose from a one-time mermaid experience, a four or seven swim course, or pool/beach photo or video shoot. Shark fins are available in addition to the monofins.

Floating Movie Nights

A floating movie theater may just be about the coolest place on earth! Kids bob about on their inflatable rafts while enjoying the latest releases on the big screen under the stars!

Pizza! Pizza!
Viceroy’s pizza chef will teach the little ones how to prepare traditional pizza from kneading the dough to customizing their own toppings! Kids will learn about the history of pizza, the science of making it and even sing a song or two. The best part? Eating your delicious creation afterwards!

Steel Pan Drum Family FUN
For over 50 years the world has enjoyed the scintillating, pulsating music of the Caribbean steel pan. We invite you to play this fascinating instrument with Anguilla's own Master Teacher Michael "Dumpa"Martin as he guides you along, step by step. Dumpa is Anguilla's most accomplished pan soloist, arranger and composer.

Tropical Treats Visits Viceroy Anguilla
Anguilla’s local ice-cream truck, owned by Tropical Treats, to visit the property. Children select from island flavors such as mango, soursop, tamarind, guava and coconut. Can be done in conjunction with the Generation V movie nights.

What's the Scoop?
Join us at Generation V for our sundae social and enjoy creating your own ice cream sundae masterpiece- we have all the toppings to make it special. Playing with your food never was so much fun!

Fitness Classes for Kids During Festive:
There will be daily fitness classes specifically for children. Prices vary. Please consult the Fitness Centre for complete schedule and pricing.

  • Kids Yoga Classes
  • Barry's Kids Boot Camp
  • Kids Tennis Fun Sessions
  • Kids Basketball Clinic
  • Kids Hip Hop Dance