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Nick Waterhouse

2019 North America Tour

The first musician to participate in A Canvas for Discovery Artist Series is Nick Waterhouse, an American singer, songwriter, and record producer from Southern California with a passionate, rockabilly sound rooted in rhythm & blues, jazz, and soul. Waterhouse kicked off his installation to the artist series in true speakeasy form and performed a live, secret show with a full band at Hotel Emblem San Francisco. His series at Viceroy continues in tandem with his American tour to promote his fourth, self-titled album.

2019 Tour

Waterhouse will perform original, all-vinyl DJ sets at Viceroy Hotels this Spring 2019:

Viceroy Santa Monica Wednesday April 24th • 7-10pm @ Poolside

Hotel Emblem San Francisco Saturday April 27th • 9pm-close @ Obscenity Bar

Viceroy Chicago Tuesday May 7th • 7-10pm @ Devereaux Rooftop

All shows offer free admission, and are open to the public (21+)

About the Artist

Nick Waterhouse grew up in a coastal town near Long Beach, CA. He found a home in his early 20s in San Francisco, working at record stores alongside a collective of likeminded young crate-diggers and 45 collectors. From there, he started making his own records: “Time’s All Gone” in 2012, “Holly” in 2014, and “Never Twice” in 2016. As those records rolled out into the world, Waterhouse found a dedicated audience of his own as well as a bevy of influential champions and collaborators, including garage-rock mystic Ty Segall, retro-futurist R&B bandleader Leon Bridges and the LA-based quartet Allah-Las, whose first two albums he meticulously produced and played on. Now, he’s finished his fourth, self-titled album, “Nick Waterhouse.” And whether intentional or not, it is perhaps his most reflective — and reflexive — album, employing all of the mature production techniques learned through-out his professional career while retaining a viscous edge that allows it to land with colossal impact — more raw, heavy and overtly confrontational than anything he’s made before.

Artist Website

The partnership with Waterhouse will take A Canvas for Discovery from the world of visual art to one of sound, offering guests and locals alike an intimate experience with an artist known for “bringing a spark to his songs that transcends era and genre.” (Chicago Tribune)