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55 Fifth Street
San Francisco, California 94103 USA
T: +1 415 543 8555
F: +1 415 543 5885

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zetta murals

A project that originally began in April 2015 as an Instagram contest #ZettaMurals, expanded into what is now considered the most exciting and unique hotel art installation in San Francisco. The 7-story stairwell served as the perfect blank canvas to inspire local talent to tag, shape and paint their most creative designs, the outcome was astounding.

The 7-Story Canvas exhibit is now open for public viewing featuring walls worth of original mural art from contemporary muralist luminaries Buff Monster, Apexer, Steiner, Deb, Elle, Dirty Bandits, Mike Tyau, Pemex, and Griffin.

The Photo Gallery

  • Griffin One - Contest Winner

    Griffin One is an artist of many mediums & themes, part Aerosol Muralist, Fine Artist & Digital Designer. The body of his work incorporates a fusion of elements from our modern technological age with motifs from the old world... did we mention he was the #ZettaMurals contest winner? 

  • Griffin One's Praises

    Winning the praises of Buff Monster and The Apexer, Sean Griffin's art piece landed him first place in the #ZettaMurals contest and a $5,000 check... and, Hotel Zetta got to keep the artwork! 

  • The Light Tunnel

    Hotel Zetta's light tunnel may only be exclusively viewed from certain guestrooms within the hotel. The guestroom windows now feature a spectacular glimpse of the collaboration between Buff Monster and The Apexer.

  • Pink is Power

    Following true to his saying, Buff Monster's brightly covered canvas graces 4 stories of Hotel Zetta's light tunnel - his work is characterized by happy characters living in brightly-colored bubbly landscapes.

  • Deb

    Hailing all the way from the land down under, this rerouted Aussie native has made a name for her self in SF bay area. From painting building exteriors, rhinos, box cars and vans, Deb's latest installation has made its home on the 3rd floor of our hotel stairwell. 

  • Deb Hard at Work

    Here is Deb spending countless hours on her soon to be masterpiece which can be viewed on the 3rd floor of the hotel stairwell. 

  • Dirty Bandit History

    Dirty Bandits is a San Francisco-based small design firm run by Annica Lydenberg, a designer, illustrator and sign painter deeply obsessed with type. As a graphic designer Annica pays close attention to typography - but now turns her talents to treating letters and words as art in various mediums - ahem... like the mural here.

  • Dirty Bandits 

    They claim to be 'obsessed with type' - and are they right? This beauty sits in the stairwell and make the perfect backdrop for a #ZettaMurals instagram post. 

  • Elle Street Art

    Taking over the 8th floor of he stairwell, Elle (Brooklyn based artist) uses nearly ever color in the crate to make her masterpiece.

  • Elle's Art

    Covers the walls of the top floor of the stairwell.

  • Mike BAM Tyau

    When Mike isn't busy jet-setting to paint in Barcelona or Hiroshima, he finds himself split between Hawaii and SF, working on projects like this - creating ground breaking art. 

  • Pemex

    A native to the central coast of California, Pemex has put up work all throughout his home state and even abroad - his street work is savage and unrelenting, stylish and possessing in it a humor and history unique to the artist himself.

  • Steiner's 5th Floor Masterpiece 

    Steiner's fifth floor work consists of an angry seal and three-eyed monster...

  • Steiner's Seals

    Like the seal said, don't call it frisco. Steiner is hard at work with this one on the 5th floor.