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Playa Xcalacoco Frac 7
77710 Playa del Carmen
Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo Mexico
T: +52 984 877 3000
F: +52 984 877 3001

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The peninsula of Yucatan is a paradise of white sandy beaches washed by turquoise warm waters; an emerald green land amidst the Mayan jungle. In this marvelous setting, windows open up to discover the un-earthly world of the Ancient Gods.

The Mayans considered the “Dzonot”- today known as Cenotes, as sacred. Indeed, these subterranean rivers and sources of fresh water were home to their Gods and refuge to their oldest customs and traditions.

Exploring the crystalline waters of these caves is a unique adventure. The amazing fossils testify of an ancestral sea and thousands of stalactites and stalagmites add to the magic of the place. Any visitor can sense it; these places are out of this world!

When the light sneaks into the caves, equipped with a mask and a snorkel or diving gear, you can easily understands why the Mayans regarded these places sacred as such