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Stay at a
Partner Hotel

Enjoy remarkable experiences worldwide at our partner hotels in the Global Hotel Alliance, which is a collection of more than 550 upscale and luxury hotels in over 76 countries.

Stay at a Partner Hotel
Stay at Viceroy

Viceroy delivers one-of-a-kind lifestyle experiences that bring together provocative design and intuitive service in sought-after locations around the world. Signature brand amenities and services created for diverse guests include world-class culinary and destination spas specializing in health, fitness and beauty.

Existing Reservations
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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

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How can I join?

Enroll online to create your profile with your preferences, prior to your visit, or enroll at the front desk during your next stay.

Does it cost anything to become a DISCOVERY member?

No, membership is complimentary.

What are the different levels and benefits at each membership level?

You join DISCOVERY as a Gold level member. Stay at least 10 nights at a qualifying rate during the year to be upgraded to Platinum level. Stay just 30 nights at a qualifying rate during the year for even more exclusive benefits with the Black level. View the benefits for each level here.

How do I know if I qualify for the next tier level?

Tier status is achieved or renewed based on the following annual criteria (January 1 through December 31):

  • Gold level: 0-9 nights
  • Platinum level: 10-29 nights
  • Black level: 30+ nights

As soon as your account is credited for the required number of nights to achieve the next tier level, your membership will be upgraded and you can start enjoying the additional benefits.

At the end of each year, every member’s eligible room nights are reviewed and his or her DISCOVERY membership level is adjusted based upon the ability to meet the specified nights required of each tier level.

For example, if a member achieves Platinum level in August 2015, that level will be maintained through December 31, 2016 and will only be lost should the member not achieve the minimum nights (10) required for Platinum level in 2016.

Do I receive a membership card?

Gold members will not receive a physical card, however a digital card can be viewed online, once you are signed in. Platinum and Black tier members will receive a physical membership card once they achieve this level, and can request a replacement card at any time.

Account Information

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How can I view my account summary?

Creating an account allows you to track your stays, monitor the nights toward the next tier level, customize your room preferences and more. Once you have created your account, you can modify your preferences at any time by clicking Member Sign on the GHA website.

How many days after departure before award credit is applied to my account?

Tier night credits are applied five to seven business days from departure.

I forgot my password or changed my email address. Now what?

For lost or forgotten passwords, click the “Forgotten your password” link on the sign in page. Then simply follow the prompts to get your password emailed to you.

To change your email address, log in with your user name, click “Update Profile” and click “change email address.”


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What is Viceroy DISCOVERY?

DISCOVERY is about making your travel unforgettable. Exploring behind the scenes and beneath the surface. Experiencing unique activities in authentic local settings. And receiving recognition across over 550 Global Hotel Alliance hotels, resorts, palaces and spas.

Viceroy Hotels and Resorts are part of the DISCOVERY loyalty program which was designed with you in mind. Our knowledgeable teams at each GHA property will help you discover local culture in a way that you may not have before.

What hotel brands are a part of DISCOVERY besides Viceroy?

What are Local Experiences?

Local Experiences are the key benefit of the DISCOVERY loyalty program offered to Platinum and Black Level Members. A Local Experience is an activity that is authentic to the local culture and that is not easily available or accessible to the general public. It is exclusive access above and beyond an activity that you would plan on your own.

Learn more about earning and redeeming Local Experiences.

Where can I learn more about DISCOVERY?

We invite you to explore the new benefits of DISCOVERY loyalty program online.