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Partner Hotel

Enjoy remarkable experiences worldwide at our partner hotels in the Global Hotel Alliance, which is a collection of more than 550 upscale and luxury hotels in over 76 countries.

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Stay at Viceroy

Viceroy delivers one-of-a-kind lifestyle experiences that bring together provocative design and intuitive service in sought-after locations around the world. Signature brand amenities and services created for diverse guests include world-class culinary and destination spas specializing in health, fitness and beauty.

Existing Reservations
Aerial View Beach with Palm Umbrellas

Acquisition & Development

Recognized as one of the most innovative operators on the current hotel landscape, Viceroy Hotel Group has magnetized contemporary travelers, the hospitality industry and lifestyle media alike with its pacesetting hotels and resorts. With a diverse portfolio of properties, Viceroy Hotel Group has created a collection of distinctive luxury properties offering innovative style, unique design and advanced service in the world's most sought-after destinations.

Viceroy Hotel Group offers a range of services, including:

  • Professional third-party hotel management services for owners seeking branded and unbranded operations, with a focus on luxury hotels
  • Strategic and financial partnerships with locally based owner-developers, allowing for the maximization of core competencies
  • Acquisition of hotels without existing management contracts in primary locations, offering upside opportunities for repositioning through advanced operational and design initiatives
  • Development and construction of traditional hotel and resort destinations, providing a brand and operational anchor
  • Seasoned global sales, marketing, digital and e-commerce strategies
  • Professional asset management
  • Design support and technical services

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