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9291 Burton Way
Beverly Hills, California 90210 USA
T: +1 310 278 3344
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Beverly Hills Massage Therapy Services

Green Tea and Ginger Body Wrap 90 minutes $225

Detoxifying wrap that stimulates your body’s metabolism with our Green Tea and Ginger Sea Enzyme mask. Balancing the body’s yin and yang with Ginger Root. It invigorates the mind while seaweed provides the most complete source of nutrition. A body massage of your choice will be the finale to this treatment .

Plush Papaya Pineapple Infusion 90 minutes $225

Start with a body exfoliation utilizing a facial quality body scrub to polish and smooth your skin. Follow with a 50-minute tropical aroma massage using our top of the line, enriched lotion. This treatment will rejuvenate and moisturize your skin.

Rainforest Reflection Body Wrap 90 minutes $275

From the vast botanical diversity of the Brazilian Rain Forest, honeybees collect the raw materials to produce Propolis. Propolis is naturally high in antioxidants, extremely healing and is deeply moisturizing. In this innovative treatment, Propolis is applied to your skin and your body wrapped for complete absorption of this magical elixir. After the wrap, to further seal in the Propolis, warm Coconut milk is poured over your entire body and gently massaged in for astonishing healing and moisturizing results.

Facial Enhancements

Micro Experience Treatment 60 minutes $200

Like no other, this is a hand applied Micro Dermabrasion cream with fingertip control. Treat fine lines, wrinkles, imperfections, small scars and acne. A healing, cooling, hydrating mask will moisturize and sooth the skin, ending with a very light, super moisturizing cream.

Hydrating Mineral Facial 60 minutes $200

This is an original treatment that will restore the freshness, vitality and moisturize levels of the skin. Begins with a soothing cleanser, followed by exfoliation and a multi-mineral active complex comprised of zinc, cooper and magnesium. This will stimulate the cells by increasing the skins energy level, and strengthen the skins immune system, by feeding the cells with nutrients. A great treatment for a jet lagged skin.