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Spencer Mar Guilburt

To celebrate the opening of Viceroy Los Cabos, MAR completed a set of thought-provoking murals, specifically designed with the hotel and surrounding region in mind. MAR visited Viceroy Los Cabos a few months before it opened to immerse himself in the destination and get inspiration. The visionary results are two massive masterpieces at both Viceroy Los Cabos and Viceroy Santa Monica.

About MAR

MAR first got the public’s attention in 2010 through his prismacolor street art and now has a gallery and celebrity following for his abstract work that’s both expressive and inspiring. MAR portrays feeling and unlocks greater meaning through thoughtful use of color, shape and texture. He has completed many commissions and installations for global brands including BMW, Adidas, AT&T, Disney and Neiman Marcus.

Design Narrative from artist

Like plants, people's outward appearances often look very different. But our inner similarities are the unseen roots that connect ecosystems, natural and social. In my installation work for Viceroy Los Cabos and Viceroy Santa Monica, the palm leaves, which are indigenous to both cities, represent people transcending labels for a peaceful coexistence.

The murals feature plant life growing from the architectural sprawl around them. They represent, more literally, the inhabitants of both great cities. Like the leaves of plants, we grow under the same sun, we breathe the same air and we grow on the same soil. The back lines can be seen as our roots, intertwined and deep seeded. Painted freehand, the blue rectangles inspire images of the ocean and water, our great life bringers. The white and yellow circles depict the moon and sun shining over us regardless of shape, color or creed. Nature has little concern for our superficially derived labels.

The group of leaves could be seen as a gathering of people, similar in so many ways, yet each with unique characteristics. Without divisive labels and boundaries, they reside together harmoniously. This is my metaphor for life and human interactions.

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