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545 Post Street
San Francisco, California 94102 USA
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Create Your Own San Francisco Adventure

Very few places have such a celebrated history or coveted allure. The city beckons with endless adventure and thrilling possibilities. And Hotel Zeppelin puts you in the center of the city’s many gems right at Union Square. Who knows what’s in store for your visit – check out a new band, go to the theater, discover a speakeasy or let dinner be the main event. The city holds a promise of the unexpected.


Westfield Shopping Centre

The Westfield Shopping Centre is just a short stroll form Hotel Zeppelin's front doors. This iconic shopping destination features  Bloomingdale’s West-Coast flagship store, the second-largest Nordstrom in the country and 170 additional world-class boutiques and dining venues.

Haight Street

The stretch of shops, referred to by San Francisco as the Upper Haight, was the center of '60s psychedelia. Despite gentrification and the proliferation of globally recognized stores, it still retains its hippie counterculture credentials, and is dotted with Victorian houses, anarchist bookstores, piercing salons and funky clothing shops.

Ferry Building Marketplace

San Francisco is renowned for its pioneering gourmet culture, and the heart of it can be found at the Ferry Building Marketplace, where shoppers choose from a dizzying variety of locally sourced items, including fresh produce, meats, artisan cheeses and more. The Ferry Building Marketplace is open daily, but be sure to catch the Farmer’s Market every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday if you're available.

Union Square

The true center of San Francisco, Union Square and its surrounding district showcases the city’s unique character and charm with the best in fashion, dining and entertainment. Meet friends and family in Union Square to begin a day of exploring shops and boutiques, sampling any of San Francisco’s numerous gourmet restaurants, taking in a world-class play or lollygagging away a few hours in the newly remodeled Metreon.


At every turn, candles burn and vivid silks grace the jam-packed window fronts, where import vendors sell nearly everything, including (but by no means limited to) carved Buddhas, paper parasols and regal mahogany furniture, perfect for exotic gifts or indulgent tourist fodder.

Clarion Alley

Clarion Alley is a small street in San Francisco between Mission and Valencia Streets and 17th and 18th Streets. The alley lies at what was once the center of a lagoon that covered the central Mission District area, although some historians dispute the existence of the fresh water lagoon. Originally called "Cedar Lane," the alley's name was changed around the turn of the twentieth century to Clarion Alley. The street is notable for community and arts activity, including the Clarion Alley Mural Project. 

Visit Clarion Alley to see the latest artist collaboration on these ever changing walls. What's today's vibe? 

Historical Sites

Golden Gate Bridge

An internationally recognized architectural icon, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is an attraction that cannot be missed. Drive, cycle or walk across one of the world’s most beautiful bridges to experience its true glory.

Fort Point

From its vantage point overlooking the spectacular Golden Gate, Fort Point protected San Francisco harbor from Confederate and foreign attack during and after the U.S. Civil War. Its beautifully arched casemates display the art of the master brick mason from the Civil War period.

Lombard Street

With seven sharp corners in just 200 yards, Lombard Street promises to be the most winding, bendy street in California, if not the whole world, zigzagging down one of San Francisco’s many steep hillsides. Start a leisurely walk down this unique street from the cable car stop close to the top of Lombard Street, which was originally built with so many curves to make the street suitable for the city's many horses.


Alcatraz Island offers a close-up look at the site of the first lighthouse and US built fort on the West Coast, the infamous federal penitentiary long off-limits to the public, and the 18 month occupation by Indians of All Tribes which saved the tribes. Rich in history, there is also a natural side to the Rock—gardens, tide pools, bird colonies, and bay views beyond compare.


California Academy of Sciences

The California Academy of Sciences is a multifaceted scientific institution committed to leading-edge research, to educational outreach, and to finding new and innovative ways to engage and inspire the public. The Academy's mission - to explore, explain and protect the natural world - extends to all corners of the institution; from a research expedition in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, to a teacher training program in a California classroom, to an interactive game on the museum exhibit floor.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)

From the onset, the museum has championed the most innovative and challenging art of its time, and they continue to exhibit and collect work by both modern masters and younger, less-established artists. Located just a short walk from downtown San Francisco, our landmark building features a soaring atrium topped by our signature turret and oculus skylight.

Cartoon Art Museum

From editorial cartoons to comic books, graphic novels to anime, Sunday funnies to Saturday morning cartoons, the Cartoon Art Museum has something for everyone. Located downtown in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena cultural district, the museum is home to over 6,000 pieces of original and cartoon and animation art, a comprehensive research library, and five galleries of exhibition space.

Cable Car Museum

Houses a collection of historic cable cars, photographs, mechanical displays and gift shop run by the Friends of the Cable Car Museum - a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of cable car history.

The Walt Disney Family Museum

Explore the fascinating and inspiring story of Walt Disney, whose artistry, creativity and vision helped define 20th century American culture, is brought to life in our galleries. The Museum’s collection includes some 25,000 works such as animation cells, rare film clips, concept art, scripts, musical scores, and cameras that Disney and his staff used in creating his characters and films. Walt and his family are also represented in photographs, artifacts, and home movies.