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130 Wood Road
Standard Mail: P O Box 6985
Snowmass Village, Colorado 81615 USA
T: +1 970 923 8000
F: +1 970 923 8001
877 235 7577

Did you know ... Water boils at 197˚F at 8000ft as opposed to 212˚F at sea level.

3-Day Dogsledding in the Rockies

Experience the thrill like Iditarod Sled Race and mush through the winter landscapes of Aspen and Snowmass. 

Viceroy Snowmass’ three-day dogsledding program (run in partnership with local dog-team operator Krabloonik) teaches you to drive a team of Alaskan crossbreeds at thrilling speeds. This program goes through animal husbandry, emergency skills, winter weather survival, plus you’ll learn how to harness your dogs, get them up to running speed and maneuver past a competing team. 

Ready to trek through Snowmass Valley Trail’s vertiginous terrain and abrupt hairpin turns? 

Program starting from $6,490 for a 3-day program.

Contact the hotel concierge for more information.