130 Wood Road
Standard Mail: P O Box 6985
Snowmass Village, Colorado 81615 USA
T: +1 970 923 8000
F: +1 970 923 8001
877 235 7577

    Did you know ... Water boils at 197˚F at 8000ft as opposed to 212˚F at sea level.

    Camp Aspen/Snowmass Kids Program

    The Treehouse Kids’ Adventure Center 

    Nature walks atop the Rocky Mountains. Mountain biking clinics. Camping out under the stars. Mountainboarding. Paintball. Fishing. Field Trips.

    Welcome to Camp Aspen/Snowmass, where all summer-long families are spoiled for choice. Toddlers can enjoy art and music at the Treehouse Adventure Center, young children can learn about the magic of nature, and teens can build their confidence with thrilling activities.

    If only summer camp was this cool when we were kids.

    Don't let your kids (ages 3 - teen) miss out on the summer Aspen mountain family resort experience of a lifetime this summer! Activities include: hiking, rafting, golf, rocket building, fishing, paintball, tennis and more!

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