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Mayan Kamnikte Ceremony

Mayan Kamnikte Ceremony (Mayan Wedding Ceremony)

This heartfelt ritual is a unique Mayan ceremony performed by our Shaman, who following the rites of tradition. The ceremony begins with a purification ritual, addressing himself to the four cardinal points of the Earth and asking permission to bless the union of the couple with love, peace and abundance.

Following sacred customs, the bride is dressed in a traditional handmade Mayan wedding gown and the groom wears a fine, white linen Guayabera—both symbols of a new beginning, and the renewal of love and commitment shared by two people. As the ceremony comes to an end, the couple makes of gift of fresh flower petals to the sea, asking that their dreams and hopes for their union be fulfilled.

The ceremony is performed in the Mayan dialect and guidance is given in English.

“Ah yum hunab ku evam maya ema ho”   —  The peace and nature of the cosmos will be in all of us.