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    Miami Massage Therapy at Viceroy Miami

    Viceroy Miami Signature Massage

    This balancing treatment starts with a consultation to find out what your emotional and physical needs are. From that we carry out an aromatherapy smell test to allow you to choose the oil most suitable for you. Our signature Aromatherapy Associates oils are formulated with natural plant and flower oils with wonderful exotic scents and powerful therapeutic benefits for body and mind.

    50 minutes $140
    80 minutes $210

    Raindrop Harmony

    Harness the power of seven essential oils as they fall like raindrops along your spine. By encouraging the release of habitual holding patterns and energetic blockages, your therapist blends massage, Reflexology and stretching techniques to bring you to a state of inner harmony and balance.

    80 minutes $225

    Jet Lag Cure

    A treatment for weary travelers to get you back on track when you’re feeling fuzzy, tired and sluggish.Deep compressions help release tight muscles while slow massage techniques relax and sooth the body, promoting sleep.

    80 minutes $215

    Muscle Release Massage

    After a brief consultation, your therapists will custom design a therapeutic massage that blends stretching techniques with concentrated pressure to relieve muscle tension or soreness. This treatment is ideal for the athlete or active individual.

    50 minutes $150
    80 minutes $220

    Warm Stone Massage

    Calm and rebalance the body and mind with exotic oils infused with mandarin, lavender, patchouli and geranium essential oils. Warmed river stones are used to customize the massage to soothe, tired, sore muscles inducing a deep level of relaxation that only this treatment can provide.

    80 minutes $215 


    In this traditional Asian practice, pressure is applied to acupressure points of the feet which correspond to the different regions of the body and the vital organs. This treatment promotes wellbeing and increases the flow along the body’s meridian lines of energy (Meridian lines are invisible lines that carry energy throughout the body). 

    25 minutes $75
    50 minutes $140

    Serenity for Two

    A wonderful experience shared with a loved one or friend in the couple’s massage room for two. 50 or 80 minutes. Price varies based on selection.

    Tension Relief Massage

    This comforting head, neck and shoulder massage will help release tension. Let your mind drift, while your body completely relaxes.

    25 minutes $80

    Massage Enhancements

    Maximize your therapeutic experience with a Moroccan Oil Scalp Treatment, Warm Stone Infusion, Reflexology Pressure Point, or Dry Brushing. 25.00 per enhancement