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    Iconic Facial

    Using the healing power of Swiss glacial spring water, medical grade pure collagen, and a full strand of triple DNA, this facial is an anti-aging powerhouse. By combining these three elements with the signature Valmont facial massage that touches the physical and mental wellbeing of your entire body, your skin's suppleness and resilience will be restored at the cellular level. .

    90 minutes $180

    Earth and Air Ritual

    Let your mind and spirit take flight to a place of inner tranquility. In this Amerindian inspired ritual we begin the journey by opening and grounding your chakras. We then use the power of incense, sage and heated stones to cleanse the body and free you from all negative energy.

    90 minutes $220

    Black Lava

    Inspired by the volcanoes of Sicily, this exfoliating treatment overflows with balancing, purifying and regenerating minerals that nourish and enrich the skin. Beginning with a refined full-bodied scrub that introduces the elements of thermal heat, sacred stones and foot massage, you will then be further hydrated with a soothing vitality and firming crème for the skin. To enhance the hydrating and detoxifying effects of this exfoliation an additional heated wrap can be added.

    75 minutes $190; 90 minutes with the wrap $220

    Viceroy Trilogy

    Founded on the principles of Balance, Breath and Beauty, this three step massage voyage removes energetic and emotional blockages that hinder your true self expression. Beginning with a welcoming foot scrub ritual, the therapist will then unite the power of essential oil blends (lemon grass, bergamot and chamomile) and the strength of your personal intentions to assist in this soul purifying massage. You will be brought to a state of deep peace and internal harmony.

    75 minutes $210

    Svapnaya “Dreamtime Journey” Ritual
    Reclaim a peaceful sleep and joyful dreams. This complete body experience commences with a soothing body scrub to release toxins trapped within the body. You are then treated to a full body massage and facial which are built around the power of mantras and designed to calm the nervous system, heal your chakras and restore the body’s magnetic field.

    120 minutes $320

    Sparsa “Touch, Feel” Ritual
    This blissful experience re-awakens the body and spirit to promote a profound feeling of calm. Rose and Jasmine are the keynotes of this journey, which begins with a blissful body scrub that prepares you to receive a body balm massage that feeds the skin and the senses. Fishing touch is a soothing Ananda facial.

    120 minutes $320

    Chakra Well Being Ritual
    The basis of this exquisite experience is the harmonizing of the seven chakras of the body through the use of customized essential oil blends. It involves deep relaxation of the nervous system, sensuous lymphatic drainage, subtle healing of the chakras and culminates in the pouring of warm oil over the third eye to restore and relax every sense. Along with the Marma-point massage, body scrub and Ananda facial, you will be transported to a place of deep peace and calm.

    120 minutes $320

    Adhyvanya “Traveler, Wanderer” Ritual
    This treatment is ideal for the weary traveler, depleted of energy, drained and stressed. The aim of this experience is to replace the body’s negative ions with life and vitality. Beginning with an energy scrub and mud wrap high in ionic minerals and finishing with a Kundalini back massage, your body’s natural biorhythms will be restored and your nervous system deeply relaxes and brought back into balance.

    120 minutes $320

    Ku Nye “Tibetan Journey” Ritual
    Restore energy flow to your entire being. This treatment begins with a Ku Nye massage which works on awakening the meridians, lymphatic drainage and acupressure using essential oils and application of hot Himalayan salt poultices and hot stones. The treatment finishes with a Ku Nye facial using our Sea buckthorn elixir strengthening the cell walls and improving circulation. This facial is completed with an invigorating head massage.

    120 minutes $320

    Viceroy Facials

    Our international team of Beauty Therapists will work with your skin type and texture, and tailor a facial to meet your needs. With the help of amazing Valmont and Ila facial products, your skin will feel fresh, soft and supple. You’ll leave feeling renewed, rebalanced, restored and revitalized.

    Udakanjali “Handful of Waters” Facial
    A hydrating facial will introduce you to the simple luxuriant pleasures of water. After a gentle cleansing and exfoliation, your beauty therapist will administer a specialized facial massage with a cream renewing pack to provide hydration, oxygenation, nutrition and repair to your skin – the results will amaze you.

    60 minutes $180

    Ananda “Bliss” Facial
    Inspired by the Shaman women in Mexico who believe in the rejuvenating energy of light, this facial uses Marma-point massage techniques, opening the energy centers of the face and neck to allow blissful energy to flow throughout the entire body. This healing and reviving facial yields deep feelings of delight and peace that will prepare your face to receive the restorative power of prana and light.

    60 minutes $170

    Vristipata “Shower of Rains” Facial
    Using the power of blended extracts from the Amazonian Rainforests, this amazing facial promotes deep level skin cell rejuvenation by encouraging circulation within the skin cell and the reduction of inflammation. The restorative powers of this facial are further enhanced by lymphatic drainage facial massage and the application of warm poultices over the lymph points to provide warmth and increased stimulation. Your skin will be left radiant and renewed.

    75 minutes $170

    Crystal Healing Facial
    Attract love and earth energy to your face. This unique treatment uses the energy of Crystals, with Tibetan techniques, to affect a gentle release of tension from the face while encouraging healing. This facial begins with a Garnet face scrub to exfoliate and prepare the skin, regenerate and stimulate circulation. The medium used on the face is fresh Rose cells and Rose damscena which rejuvenate and raise the vibrational energy of the skin. Deep lymphatic drainage and acupressure with hot poultices will restore a glowing radiance. A Jade mask completes the treatment for a balancing and harmonizing effect.

    75 minutes $170

    Marine Algae Facial
    This amazing unique facial, using healing power of the Sea, combines a new technique called ‘nerve point therapy’ which helps calm the nervous system, releasing tension and stress within the face. Any puffiness is removed while skin tone is left smooth and radiant. Combining a unique blend of active ingredients from the sea (Sea Lettuce, Plankton, Sea Lavender and Bio Plasma Seaweed), with lymphatic drainage the skin is deeply hydrated, re-energized and purified.

    90 minutes $180

    Marma-Point "Hidden, Secret"

    Highly effective mind / body / spirit massage, derived from the Ayurvedic traditions of India, this treatment represents a juncture where by the vital life force of breath and the physical being of connective tissues come together as one. The Marma removes blockages and imbalances of the chi and restores balance and harmony.

    75 minutes $170

    Kundalini Back Massage

    This deeply soothing back massage will increase your energy and spiritual enlightenment by awakening dormant forces in the base of your spine. When the energy is released, the journey continues to the third eye. This leads to a relaxed and balanced nervous system thanks to the synergistic use of an essential oil used in combination with ancient massage techniques and chakra healing.

    75 minutes $170

    Manipura "Beautiful Jewel"

    Manipura refers to the solar plexus chakra, our centre of fire and sun energy that ignites our health and restores vitality. This treatment starts with a Himilayan scrub to purify and detox physical and subtle bodies, followed by a massage stimulating and balancing the solar 'sun' vitality within us, through marma massage, lymphatic drainage and applying Himalayan herb poultices to the 10 petals of the solar plexus. This is a unique body massage combining various techniques to harness and restore the vitality of the body, thus allowing a positive flow of energy.

    90 minutes $190

    Ku Nye

    The aim of this Tibetan based massage honors and respects the ancient Tibetan traditions of healing by restoring energy and also harmonizing and strengthening the body's natural free flow of energy. Carefully selected organic and wild grown essential oils include many inherent to the Himalayas. Traditional techniques are used to purify the five elements of the body, stimulate the lymphatic system and with more vigorous massage energize the subtle body and meridian system. This treatment includes cupping, acupressure, kneading, rocking and application of hot stones and hot salt poultices.

    60 minutes $160


    This after sun treatment begins with a fine mist of Rose hydrolyte and mineral spray enveloping the body, followed by a cooling Rose and Aloe Vera gel wrap gently applied over sensitive skin. Cooled rose quartz crystals are gently massaged along the meridians of the face and body to help calm and cool sunburned or delicate skin.

    60 minutes $160

    Vichy Shower

    A unique and luxurious hydrotherapy treatment you will feel tension wash away under the Vichy shower. Alternating the pressure of the jets, the therapist will rotate the showerheads to gently warm muscles and relieve tension. This luxurious treatment will reduce stress, increase hydration and stimulate blood circulation, which in turn will increase the function of the immune system and help the body eliminate metabolic wastes.

    30 minutes $100


    Enjoy the sensation of an extremely relaxing Four Hands massage pampered by two therapists while they synchronize their movements and perform this full body massage.

    60 minutes $280


    A couple or partner Tantric massage is a way of creating, reconnecting and even re-learning healthy intimacy with your partner.

    60/90 minutes $300/$380

    Royal Thai

    Traditional Thai massage was developed by Buddha’s physician, more than 2,500 years ago in India. For centuries, Thai massage was performed by monks as one component of Thai medicine. Thai massage is dry massage using passive stretching and gentle pressure along energy lines, contributing to a sense of ease and wellbeing. Thai massage stimulates and release tense muscles, reduces stress, improves circulation, increases energy and centers mind and body.

    90/120 minutes $180/$250


    Balinese massage is a luxurious spa treatment and an excellent choice if you want to experience a variety of massage techniques, gentle stretches, acupressure and aromatherapy oils you will relax and feel spiritually renewed at the same time. A relaxing massage with attitude, related to the Ayurveda, this will boost your circulation and yield deep relaxation and wellness.

    60/90 minutes $150/$190


    A full body Swedish massage, using the therapist’s body weight and palms, Sitala will loosen tight muscles, create energy, increase blood circulation and transport you to a world of relaxation.

    60/90 minutes $150/$190


    As you experience the rhythmic pleasure of slimming massage, your figure is sculpted and refined your body is enveloped with aroma essential oil, which helps combat the formation of fatty deposits and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

    60/90 minutes $160/$200


    Indian head massage works on areas affected by mental and emotional stress. This treatment can calm the mind and is deeply relaxing. Working with a firm and gentle rhythm, it helps relieve muscular discomfort and tension as well as calming the spirit.

    45 minutes $140

    Energizing & Detoxifying

    Works best when you are feeling run down, drained of energy, suffering from fatigue or sluggish circulation. Alpine lavender with geranium and lemongrass stimulates circulation and boots immune system and Juniper berry helps eliminate cellulite. Ideal treatment for arthritis and joint pain.

    60 minutes $170


    With the power of salt and aroma oils this scrub stimulates the lymphatic system, aids circulation and eliminates toxins. The scrub represents full experience such that you will enjoy lymphatic drainage, marma massage and effleurage techniques. It is an ideal treatment for stress and exhaustion highly recommended for a daily boost or deeper health issues.

    60 minutes $170

    Marine Algae

    A marine Algae scrub rich in active sea plasmas, juniper berry, lavender and Himalayan salt this scrub stimulates and detoxifies the lymphatic system while exfoliating the skin. A marine gel is applied over the scrub which is a concentrate of sea lettuce, sea lavender and bio plasma with organic active seaweeds.

    60 minutes $170

    Mukulita "Blossoming"

    Awaken your body like a blossoming flower with this creamy fruit and flower petal body scrub. First you will be pampered with a blend of South African salts, powder of pineapples, cranberry, hibiscus petals and rose flowers to thoroughly smooth the skin. Further nourishment is provided by a shea and mango butter application.

    75 minutes $170

    Pearl & Jasmine with an Amethyst Wrap

    Fatigue and depletion of energy are increasing challenges many people face today there is a great need to help restore vitality and energy levels. This combination of Himalayan salt crystals, rich in minerals, has the immediate effect of restoring energy, mental clarity, wellbeing and strength. The scrub is followed by a body wrap to relax and restore the nervous system, stimulating circulation and regenerating skin cells and cell growth.

    90 minutes $190

    Marine Algae Immersion

    A marine Algae scrub rich in active sea plasmas, juniper berry, lavender and Himalayan salt this scrub stimulates and detoxifies the lymphatic system while exfoliating the skin. A marine gel is applied over the scrub which is a concentrate of sea lettuce; sea lavender and bio plasma with organic active seaweeds, followed by a body wrap to absorb the active ingredients and revitalize the body's energy.

    90 minutes $190

    Ayurveda utilizes therapies involving exercise, environment, nutrition, skin and body care, herbals, massage and lifestyle analysis to form a highly individualized approach to prevention and treatment of disease. This system of health and healing has been practiced in India for more than 5,000 years.

    Aromatic oil blends from Ayurveda Pharmacopoeias have been carefully chosen for these treatments, which have powerful healing properties. All the ingredients are native to India.

    Journey to India

    "Ayurveda massage, Padabhyanga, marma therapy of face, Indian scalp massage, steam shower"

    Inspired by the ancient healing of Ayurvedic practices, this ritual treats you with a traditional Ayurveda massage to ease muscle tension and stiffness. Padabhyanga, an Indian foot massage, will then open vital energy points of the feet and lower legs. You will experience a Marma therapy of the face and a calming Indian scalp massage that restore mind and body balance.

    4 hours $460


    Using Abhyanga, or literally, "oil massage," this rhythmic and deeply relaxing massage rejuvenates the body by clearing stagnant energy and restoring the flow of prana, the life force that stimulates vital energy. As your senses are soothed, you drift into a deep state of bliss.

    75 minutes $180


    This form of Ayurveda medicine involves gently pouring warmed Ayurvedic oil over your forehead (the third eye). Developed in Kerala, India, this restorative treatment aims to return you to physical and emotional wellbeing and balance. The vital points of the shoulder, neck, head and face are massaged to loosen tight muscles and encourage blood circulation.

    45 minutes $160


    This Ayurvedic reflexology therapy is an ancient massage for the soul focusing on the marma points of the feet and lower legs. Padabhyanga promotes quality sleep while increasing circulation and energy flow to boost immunity, rejuvenating your entire body.

    60 minutes $150

    Ayurvedic Lifestyle Recommendation

    Ayurveda promotes a lifestyle that is in harmony with Mother Nature. In this Consultation, the benefits of the experiences, diet and exercise program during your stay are evaluated. The Ayurvedic physician then gives you tips and take-home information on your lifestyle and dietary changes that will balance your daily life a continuing commitment to your wellbeing can then return you to a state of vibrant health and radiance.

    45 minutes $80

    Journey to Panchakarma

    Because you only have one body, it is important to take care of it make the most of it now, it is never too early to start nor too late to begin. We will take you on a Viceroy Journey of Detox, focusing on detoxifying, re-balancing and cleansing your body – introducing positive lifestyle changes along the way.

    The Journey starts with a fitness consultation to assess body fat percentage, cardio endurance and flexibility, followed by a customized program of specific exercises to suit your needs. The journey continue with detoxifying spa treatments, including lymphatic drainage massage, exfoliation and body wrap, to kick start internal cleaning. With Ayurvedic treatments you will gain positive energy mediation / Yoga will help you find internal peace again. We will give you the tools to maintain a healthier lifestyle through better food choices, as well as stress reduction techniques like meditation and tips to living better. A complimentary light Sattvic "Purity" lunch and freshly prepared vitamin-rich juice complete the experience.

    3 day journey $910

    • Lifestyle Consultation / BCA
    • Personal training (each day)
    • Viceroy Exfoliation & Wrap (each day)
    • Slimming massage (2 times)
    • Padabhyanga Reflexology
    • Viceroy Facial
    • Ayurvedic Abhyanga
    • Light Sattvic "Purity" lunch at VAI
    • Freshly prepared, vitamin-rich juice (one per day)
    • Lifestyle final review

    5 day journey US $1,340

    • Lifestyle Consultation / BCA
    • Personal training / Meditation (3 days)
    • Viceroy Exfoliation & Wrap (alternative)
    • Slimming massage (3 times)
    • Ayurvedic Abhyanga
    • Padabhyanga reflexology
    • Viceroy Facial (twice)
    • Light Sattvic "Purity" lunch at VAI 
    • Freshly prepared, vitamin-rich juice (one per day)
    • Lifestyle final review

    7 day journey $2,040

    • Lifestyle consultation / BCA
    • Personal training / meditation / yoga (5 days)
    • Viceroy Exfoliation & Wrap (alternative)
    • Slimming massage (every second day)
    • Earth & Air Ritual (Hot stones)
    • Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage with Champi Indian head massage
    • Viceroy Facial (twice)
    • Padabhyanga reflexology
    • Light Sattvic "Purity" lunch at VAI 
    • Freshly prepared, vitamin-rich juice (one per day)
    • Lifestyle final review

    Journey to Kapalbhati

    In just a few days, gain deep rest and relaxation, recover from stress, rejuvenate and learn natural effective stress management techniques for your day-to-day life. This unique Anti Stress Journey offers a number of relaxing and revitalizing treatments, connecting the newest technologies with ancient eastern knowledge about health and beauty, to restore life energy. A complimentary light Sattvic "Purity" lunch and freshly prepared vitamin-rich juice complete the experience.

    3 day journey $805

    • Lifestyle consultation / BCA
    • Yoga / Meditation each day
    • Viceroy ritual (exfoliation, wrap & massage)
    • Ila Facial, followed by Padabhyanga (reflexology) or Champi (Indian head massage)
    • Journey to India
    • Light Sattvic "Purity" lunch at VAI 
    • Freshly prepared, vitamin-rich juice (one per day)
    • Lifestyle final review

    5 day journey $1,305

    • Lifestyle consultation / BCA
    • Yoga / Meditation three times
    • Viceroy ritual (exfoliation, wrap & massage)
    • Viceroy Facial followed by Champi Indian head massage
    • Journey to India
    • Earth & Air Ritual (Hot Stones)
    • Shirodhara followed by Padabhyanga (reflexology)
    • Light Sattvic "Purity" lunch at VAI 
    • Freshly prepared, vitamin-rich juice (one per day)
    • Lifestyle final review

    7 day journey $1,850

    • Lifestyle consultation / BCA
    • Yoga / Meditation (every second day)
    • Viceroy ritual (exfoliation, wrap & massage)
    • Ila Facial followed by Champi (Indian head massage)
    • Journey to India
    • Valmont Facial
    • Earth & Air Ritual (Hot Stones) and Manicure or Pedicure
    • Thai Royal massage 90 minutes
    • Shirodhara followed by Padabhyanga reflexology
    • Light Sattvic "Purity" lunch at VAI 
    • Freshly prepared, vitamin-rich juice (one per day)
    • Lifestyle final review

    Journey with Harsha

    Come on a Journey with your partner and make unforgettable memories. Together you will wake up with Sunrise Yoga, only to be spoiled by dazzling Viceroy Signature treatment your journey continue to beautiful India, where you will experience the healing world of Ayurveda. A complimentary light Sattvic "Purity" lunch and freshly prepared vitamin-rich juice complete the experience.

    3 day journey $1,900

    • Lifestyle consultation / BCA
    • Fitness / Yoga / Meditation (each day)
    • Viceroy signature treatment
    • Viceroy Facial followed by Champi Indian head massage or Padabhyanga reflexology
    • Journey to India
    • Light Sattvic "Purity" lunch at VAI for two people
    • Freshly prepared, vitamin-rich juice (one per day)
    • Lifestyle final review


    Devika Day

    Specially tailored for the Ladies, experience amazing Viceroy Treatments, from head to toe; be pampered like a Queen

    • Personal training / yoga / meditation
    • Viceroy ritual (scrub & massage) followed by Viceroy Facial
    • Manicure or Pedicure

    5 hours $550

    Kapalbhati Day

    In just a few hours, gain deep rest and relaxation, recover from stress, rejuvenate and learn natural effective stress management techniques for your day-to-day life.

    • Personal training / yoga / meditation
    • Viceroy Exfoliation and Santi Pure spa massage by choice, 90 minutes
    • Shirodhara or Padabhyanga reflexology

    4 hours $450

    Panchakarma Day

    One day at spa, focusing on detoxifying, re-balancing and cleansing your body.

    • Personal training
    • Ila exfoliation followed by Ila Wrap
    • Slimming massage followed by Padabhyanga reflexology, 90 minutes

    4 hours $500

    Viceroy Must

    • Lifestyle Consultation
    • Viceroy Exfoliation
    • Hastahasti Four hands massage, 90 min
    • Viceroy Facial

    3 1/2 hours $550

    Devaraja Day

    Welcome today's modern man, we will treat you like a King.

    • Personal fitness training
    • Viceroy Exfoliation followed by Earth & Air Ritual(Hot stones massage), 90 minutes
    • Ila Mini facial, 30 minutes

    3 1/2 hours $400

    Shiva & Shakti Kanaka

    • Glass of Champagne in the Private pool, 30 minutes
    • Viceroy Tantric (couple) Massage, 60 minutes
    • Padabhyanga (Reflexology), 30 minutes
    • Champi (Indian head massage), 30 minutes
    • Ila mini Facial, 30 minutes

    180 minutes $700

    Shiva & Shakti Rupika

    • Glass of Champagne in the Private pool, 30 minutes
    • Viceroy Tantric (couple) Massage, 60 minutes per person
    • Ila mini Facial, 30 minutes

    120 minutes $450

    Luxurious anti-aging hand treatment

    Using one of nature's most potent antioxidants to keep your hands in good health, this deluxe "facial for the hands" is the ultimate renewal therapy. An intense exfoliation rejuvenates, deeply hydrates and helps restore skin to a more youthful appearance. This is followed by an essential oil massage and finishes with amazing regenerating creame that leaves your hands radiant and glowing.

    50 Minutes $90

    Foot nirvana

    Soothe your feet by soaking them in a combination of Himalayan salt and lavender essential oil, providing a wonderful blend of aromas, followed by a scrub which will remove any rough spots, leaving your skin soft and silky. A luxurious foot massage with our essential blend completes your experience.

    50 Minutes $90

    Manicure / Pedicure

    Complete manicure and pedicure services are available, including express services, nail polish application, French manicures, etc.

    30 Minutes $60


    We provide full service waxing services for bikini lines, under arms, legs, arms, back and face.

    Hair Services

    Including shampooing, haircuts, blow drying, styling, and bridal hair designs.


    Day and evening makeup services available, as well as Bridal makeup.

    The Spa uses products by Ila and Valmont. These two treatment partners capture the full range of what a guest can hope for within a spa experience, and in their unique and diverse ways, they support the vision of the spa which is to create unique and exclusive proprietary treatments and services, nowhere else to be experienced in the Maldives. Created just for the Viceroy Maldives, these treatment products guide guests to a full awareness and expression of their true, essential selves.

    Ila is the Sanskrit word for earth and the ancient earth is where we always begin. Everything in their products comes from a plant or mineral – nothing else. But beyond this, they seek an exceptionally high degree of purity in every ingredient, every process and every blend. This approach is called 'Beyond Organic' and it's vitally important because only when we work with people and products that harness the healing energy of the earth can we, in turn, create products that truly nurture.

    Our signature Viceroy skin care line, Valmont, founded in Switzerland, is a blend of medical expertise and haute couture. With its use of RNA (a patented triple DNA suffused with calcium, magnesium and sodium), pure medical grade collagen, and Glacial Spring Water (sourced at the foot of glaciers 2000 meters above sea level), the line unites leading edge research with elaborate texture and aromatic scents, making skin care a "ritual of pleasure and well being."