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9291 Burton Way
Beverly Hills, California 90210 USA
T: +1 310 278 3344
F: +1 310 278 8247
888 371 1203

Second Nature: Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

California has a reputation for being a leader in environmental responsibility, and L'Ermitage Beverly Hills is proudly part of this movement. As we raise the exacting levels of service and hospitality that have become the Viceroy trademark, we are also embracing new policies for sustainability. We are committed to improving our ecological stewardship while creating a beneficial and pleasant environment for our guests and our community.


  • For each guest, we provide local listings for eco-friendly restaurants, businesses and services.
  • Our spa menu includes organic choices.


  • A leak-detection system has been set up for all fixtures
  • A drip-irrigation system has been installed for all trees and flowerbeds, and is set to irrigate in early morning and evening periods only.


  • Our housekeeping staff utilizes our state-of-the-art Electrolyzer system, which creates in-house cleaning products that are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, and also uses eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning products throughout the property.
  • All products, including soaps, shampoo and conditioner, for the spa, guest bathrooms and public restrooms are eco-friendly.


  • L'Ermitage Beverly Hills has an air purifier or HEPA filter in each room.
  • The property is 100% non-smoking.


  • L'Ermitage Beverly Hills has established incentives for employee carpooling and the use of public transport.


  • We have a comprehensive recycling program that includes light bulbs, plastic, aluminum, glass, cardboard, paper, cell phones, batteries and printer cartridges.
  • Our policy for newspaper delivery is by request only, and they are hung on guests’ doors in reusable bags.


  • L'Ermitage Beverly Hills has adopted a Green Purchasing policy that outlines our commitment to purchasing sustainable, eco-friendly products whenever possible.