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Barnes Bay
P.O. Box 8028
West End, AI-2640 Anguilla
T: +1 264 497 7000
F: +1 264 497 7100
+ 1 800 578 0283 (from the U.S.)

Viceroy Anguilla Luxury Hotel FAQs

General Topics

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How far is the Hotel from Meads Bay Beach?

The resort is located on both Meads Bay beach and Barnes Bay beach which are accessible via a short walk

What is the appropriate dress on property?

Resort casual attire. Walking barefoot is acceptable in most facilities during the day and night. However, guests are required to wear sandals/flip flops and t-shirts (sleeves or sleeveless) when visiting restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Are there welcome amenities in the lobby for arriving guests?

Guests are greeted with a chilled towel and a cold local grapefruit soda

What is the recommended currency?

Anguilla's currency is the East Caribbean dollar, though the US dollar is also widely accepted. The exchange rate is fixed to the US dollar at US$1 = EC$2.68

Do you have taxis available to the Anguilla Sea Centre on Meads Bay?

The Sea Center is located on the resort and is accessible by foot

How do I handle tipping at the resort?

There is no need to tip at the hotel. It is customary on Anguilla, and most Caribbean Islands, for a service charge to cover all tipping to include Bellmen, Housekeeping, Beach and Pool Attendants. A 10% service charge will be added to your room/bill and 100% of this fee is distributed to the employees.

What service fees and taxes are added to my bill?

Room rate is subject to a 10% tax, 10% service and 2% environmental tax. There is also a $1 daily marketing levy per person. The 10% service fee covers all tipping for Bellmen, Housekeepers, Beach & Pool Attendants.

Hotel food and beverage prices are subject to a 15% service charge and a 2% environmental tax.

Food and beverage in banquets is subject to a 20% service and 2% environmental tax. Additional fees may apply for set up and rental fees.

Spa treatments are subject to a 10% service charge.

Boutique items have no tax or service charge.


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Is early check-in or late check-out possible?

Early check in or late checkout is based on availability, dressing rooms are provided based on availability as well, an extra charge would apply if necessary.

How far is the hotel from the airport?

15 minutes drive time – 5 miles

What other airport/hotel transportation options are available?

There are taxis available at the airport, the guest can also rent a car, there are several companies available at the airport. Our Concierge can also arrange a car rental to be delivered to the resort directly

Is parking available at the hotel?

Parking available for guests

Food and Beverage

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Is room service available?

Room service is available 24 hours breakfast, lunch and dinner menu is available in the rooms.

May special gifts be ordered in advance by either the guests or their friends?

Special requests can be ordered through our guest services team for guests in house or guests arriving. They can place the request by calling the hotel directly. A credit card authorization form needs to be filled.

May guests make special requests for dietary restrictions?

Yes, if they are allergic or restricted for something in special our Executive Chef will offer something aside the menu.

Guests Accommodations

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What type of pillows are placed on each bed?

Feather or foam

Does the rate include breakfast?

The rates do not include breakfast.

Do the guestrooms have mini-bars?

Yes, all guestrooms have a fully stocked mini-bar at an extra charge.

Are there welcome amenities in the guestrooms?

Complimentary in room coffee and tea is provided

Recreation and Entertainment

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How safe is the swimming at the beach?

Our beach is perfect for swimming & snorkeling there are a few rocks on the shore so we offer diving shoes to get into the water.

What is the water temperature of the pools?

Water in the main pool is 88 F and the pools in the villas can be heated upon request to the temperature desired.

Can sports activities (ex: snorkeling) be pre-booked?


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Is there high-speed Internet access?

High speed wire and wireless internet is available throughout the entire resort at no extra charge.

Is there cell phone coverage at the property?

There is cell phone coverage at the property mainly at the main pool and by the lobby area. Guests should verify with their phone carrier if their service plan includes reception in foreign cities.

Is there a gift shop on property? When is it open? What does it sell?

The Viceroy Anguilla boutique offers a selection of apparel, accessories, reading material, Caribbean travel guides, and sundry items.

What are the locks and additional security devices on the guestroom doors?

All guestroom doors are locked from inside, there is a safety deposit box in each villa.

Is the water safe for drinking? Is bottled water served at the hotel?

Purified water is served at the hotel and provided at no cost in the guest room. We do not recommend drinking water straight out of the water tap.


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What currency should I bring?

The US Dollar is the most easily exchanged foreign currency and is also the most favored. All resorts and most all restaurants and shops charge in either US Dollars or Eastern Caribbean Currency (ECC). The ECC has been fixed at 2.67 per US Dollar since 1972. Credit cards and ATM cards are used here in Anguilla just like at home.

What will the weather be like during my Caribbean vacation?

The temperature does not vary much from season to season and the island has a yearly mean temperature of 80°F, however, the evenings can cool off by about 5°.

What should I pack when I go to Anguilla?

Pack for an elegant Caribbean vacation in a warm-weather coastal resort town: one or two bathing suits; shorts and golf shirts; men and women should have at least one casually elegant summer outfit—for example, men will want to have a nice pair of pants and some closed-toe shoes for evening dining. Make sure to bring a sun hat; an extra pair of sunglasses; beach shoes, flip-flops or sandals; and sun block. Lastly, a sweater or wrap may be needed for the cool evenings or for air-conditioned areas.

Are there any local customs I should know about?

Anguillians drive on the left side of the road; please look both ways at intersections before proceeding. Most Viceroy Anguilla resort guests take taxis around the island, whether from the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal, Wallblake Airport or from the resort for lunch or dinner. Anguillians always greet each other with "good morning," "good afternoon" or "good evening/night" before starting conversations. This politeness slows things down a bit, making for a more enjoyable conversation and a relaxing Caribbean vacation.