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The Residences

Debuting in 2017, the Viceroy Algarve will feature 321 residences surrounded by a pastoral dreamscape of southern Portugal’s rolling green hills, lush cork and oak forests, and quaint, cobblestone villages. Walk into any of the condos, apartments, townhomes or villas and bask in all the luxuries of home, like fully-equipped kitchens and separate, lavish living spaces. Your getaway will be well-played with a landmark golf course and well-savored with seven spectacular restaurants and bistros.

A celebrated element of the new Quinta da Ombria property, the Residences at Viceroy Algarve is a world away from the cosmopolitan whirlwind of Algarve’s coastal edge. Instead, you’ll find a bucolic, timeless hideaway, where luxuriant experiences are locally inspired and the hospitality is warm. Your getaway will be punctuated with authentic delights, like plates of simmering seafood caught earlier by local fishermen, then grilled and drizzled with local olive oil. Or, afternoons spent savoring life like the locals, with a peaceful and tranquil pace. The Residences at Viceroy Algarve will complement Algarve’s serene countryside with the sophisticated service and visionary design that Viceroy has become known for worldwide.