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P.O. Box 131808
Yas Island, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
T: +971 2 656 0000
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Chef Jennie Lorenzo

Chef Jennie LorenzoChef Jennie baked her first cake at the age of 10 from a recipe on the back of a Hershey’s cocoa tin, and never looked back. During her early years, she was unlike other children in that she was willing to try anything and everything her mother gave her. She became inspired by the taste and textures of food, and has continued this passion during her 14 years in the kitchen.

As a young chef, Jennie worked under some of the industry’s top and toughest chefs that gave her both a solid cooking foundation and strict discipline. Her craft took her to kitchens around the world in different countries and continents, where she learned under the discriminating tutelage of chefs such as Marco Pierre White, Laurent Gras and Paul Kahan.

Jennie’s travels and experiences exposed her palate to new taste profiles and triggered new ideas, adding to her personal library of taste, sense and memory. While she feels that the ingredients’ source is very important, it’s what the chef does with the ingredients that allow them to, in her words, “achieve a balance of flavor with an element of surprise.”

Through her curiosity, study of ingredients and constantly testing and reinventing in the kitchen, Jennie has developed her own style of cuisine that puts an emphasis on understanding what food should be while being open-minded enough to see what food can be.

Jennie draws her inspiration from her surroundings and nature itself. “I’ve come a long way from my days with the Hershey’s recipe,” says Jennie, “now my cuisine brings together an imaginative use of materials and ingredients.”